10 Modern Houses with Courtyards

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Courtyards have been the soul of Indian homes for centuries. While they were an integral part of old homes, many architects are reviving the beautiful concept and trying to include it even in modern homes. Courtyard designs have evolved along with the changing designs of houses. However, their role is still the same – to provide serenity and bring in nature, fresh air and the warmth of the sunlight into the home. Let’s look at these beautifully conceptualised courtyards to get inspired.

1. An interior courtyard that blends with the rest of the home

Hallway and Stairs MAP Architects Stairs White
MAP Architects

Hallway and Stairs

MAP Architects

The interior courtyard of this modern house has ample sunlight and fresh energy flowing through the area from above. Planning the courtyard to create an oasis help the homeowner enjoy a place to relax while basking in the sunlight surrounded by plants blooming in the indoor garden.

2. Inside and outside separated by a transparent wall

Living Room-Backyard MAP Architects Modern Living Room Engineered Wood Wood effect
MAP Architects

Living Room-Backyard

MAP Architects

Another idea is to connect the outside with the inside of a home. However, it can be kept separate by installing glass doors and windows. The generous use of glass in modern interior décor brings fluidity to the design as well as an unobstructed view.

3. Multiple courtyards in different parts of the home

North Elevation Day View MAP Architects Villas White
MAP Architects

North Elevation Day View

MAP Architects

Open courtyards on the ground floor as well as on the top floor create ample connections to the outdoors. It brings a Zen-like feeling into the house and elevates its beauty.

4. Pergola in the courtyard

Perennial flowers around Gazebo in the Terrace Interioforest Plantscaping Solutions Patios & Decks
Interioforest Plantscaping Solutions

Perennial flowers around Gazebo in the Terrace

Interioforest Plantscaping Solutions

Optimise the size of the big courtyard and define its boundaries. An elevated wooden platform with a pergola, lush green lawn on the side and plants in planters, in this home, the different styles and areas blend to create a beautiful courtyard.

5. A signature style in the courtyard

Captivate family and friends with a signature style or a statement piece in the courtyard. Unleash the imagination and creativity and choose the most attractive colour or unusual ideas to make it memorable.

6. Latticework in the courtyard

The courtyard of the home can be separated from the front garden and the driveway with a lattice wall that divides the space and yet keeps it connected.

7. Colour block to decorate the courtyard

Give the courtyard a traditional look and feel through the right combination of colours on walls. The irregular design on the fencing in this home is inspired by old houses. It brings in the vintage charm making it an extraordinary courtyard.

8. Stepping-up in style in the courtyard

Give a creative makeover to the staircase of the home and convert it into a courtyard for relaxing and rejuvenating under the sky, which is visible through the transparent glass roof. Photographs on the wall and a few planters can add freshness and make it the family’s favourite spot to hang out.

9. Different layers in the courtyard

Create various levels or areas in the courtyard and build something for everyone in the family. An elevated deck with relaxing chairs and umbrella, a walking pathway, a green patch for children to play, a fountain near the wall with the sound of water gushing and soothing lights can create a perfect setting. 

10. A hanging garden in the courtyard

A metal frame with hanging plants covering the courtyard from above, a swing for a fun element and lots of planters with plants create a green environment for relaxation – perfect for any home.

Find more inspiration from 15 pictures of courtyards in Indian homes.

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