7 quick and easy landscaping for your front yard

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Let’s not beat around the bush: owning a home with a yard/garden can be a lot of work and work out quite costly. But that is no excuse to let those weeds run amok and overtake your entire yard, front or back.

Fortunately, here on homify we are always ready with a helpful tip or two – or, as in this case, seven! Thus, let’s see seven things you can do this weekend (maybe even sooner, and with or without the help of a professional Gardener or Landscape Architect) to get your front yard in better shape. 

1. Plant perennials

A good-looking yard is full of character, which means adding living plants and flowers to it. And to help cut down on landscaping costs, we suggest opting for perennials that last about two years (saving you a comfy bundle of money). Some of the most popular perennials to consider for a front yard are:

• Catmint (not catnip): purple floral that can enhance just about any garden and yard. 

• Daisies: a colorful choice that adds so much cheer.

• Lavender: an enticing scent for humans, but it repels moths, fleas, flies and mosquitoes. 

2. Do some trimming

Think that once those pretties are in the ground your work is done? Not so fast! Trees, bushes, and other plants need to be maintained in order to keep your yard looking alive and healthy.

Invest in a decent pair of long clippers and a band saw. Be sure to trim tree branches close to your home or your neighbor’s yard. Check that those hedges are at a nice, consistent height. And cut away all vines creeping over your fence. 

3. Install a stepping stone walkway

This idea doesn’t have to be expensive, but will require a bit more work. There are many ways of installing a classic stepping stone walkway, such as digging holes and filling them with cement, or purchasing stones separately from a landscaping supply store. 

Look to your yard’s existing style (i.e. linear and modern, natural and lush) to determine the design of your walkway. 

4. Opt for a rock garden

Want to save water (and effort)? Replace your entire front lawn with a combination of pebbles, rocks and shrubs for an Asian-inspired rock garden. No more watering, no more sodding, and no more mowing the lawn! 

5. Rake up!

We agree that some leaves strewn across a yard can look charming, but pretty soon they start blocking your grass from receiving sunlight and can make a garden look unloved. Be sure to grab a rake every now and again, or invest in a decent gas/battery-powered leaf blower. 

6. Power wash your home’s façade

The exterior appearance of your house definitely contributes to your yard’s look. So, if those walls, gutters and roof are looking a bit grimy or discolored, maybe think about blasting the entire façade with a good gas-powered washer. Trust us when we say that it can enhance a neat front yard like you wouldn’t believe. 

7. Paint your house

Once you’ve given your house’s exterior surfaces a decent cleaning, maybe look at updating its coloring? A few gallons of paint won’t set you back that much, plus it’s an easy DIY job you can tackle in a day. Just be sure to pay special attention to crucial surfaces like window ledges, the front door, deck railings, and shutters. 

Get ready to take some notes, as we’re going to show you 5 beautiful accent wall ideas to spruce up your home.

Are you game for giving your front yard a fresh new appearance with these easy tips?

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