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How to Excel in the Housing Market According to This Seven-Figure Real Estate Entrepreneur

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This article is written by Jess Lenouvel, realtor for over a decade and founder of The Listings Lab For Realtors, a multiple-seven-figure business.  

Let’s face it: Not everybody likes realtors, which is unfortunate since most of them genuinely want to help people with the biggest investments of their lives: buying or selling their home.

Realtors have this negative perception best realtors in toronto because they forget the psychology of marketing: Position yourself as the solution to your customers’ problems. Instead, most of them rely on 1970s marketing techniques, such as flyers with giant headshots and fluff statements like “number one salesperson,” which is disconnected from the problems they solve for customers.  

Because most realtors still market like pizza companies, they can’t attract a consistent flow of qualified leads. They can’t scale the business or hire a team without predictable revenue, so their dream of growing to seven figures eludes them. Rather than distributing thousands of flyers in a neighborhood where only 20 people are thinking of moving, what if you could save energy and money by finding those 20 people online and specifically target them? 

Fortunately, you can. As my real estate business grew to multiple seven figures, I found a better way. It eliminates the need for prospecting, which can free up 50 percent of a realtor’s time. (Yes, that means no more cold calls!) The principles are simple, and they take someone who has never heard of you to the point where they reach out to you. Here’s how.

Craft a foundational message.To build a business that lasts, you must come from a place of service, with a genuine desire to impact your community and clients. To connect with them on a deeper human level and prove your relevancy, all your messaging should demonstrate how you solve your clients’ problems.

To identify the messaging that you’ll use throughout your marketing, ask yourself: How can I relate to my potential clients? How can my experience add value? What can I share to make them invested in my offer?

Demonstrate that you understand where they’re coming from. For example, acknowledge how important it is to find someone you can trust with your home — and how frustrating it is when you can’t. When you’ve shared their struggles, you can speak to them in a way that makes them feel like you’re reading their mind.