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Individuelles Holzrahmenbau Fertighaus - Architektenhaus, puschmann architektur puschmann architektur
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This is one property where art, architecture and design all have one thing in common, high creative values. These values have helped the architects to render a space, which is not only unique but is also an expression of the owner’s philosophy as well. So naturally, this home is a stunning visual treat and is oozing with personality. The Individuelles Holzrahmenbau Fertighaus – Architektenhaus is a modern looking villa designed by Puschmann Architektur, a team of architects and designers in Recklinghausen. Nestled cosily in the lap of nature, this abode is simply furnished and is bright and airy. Take the tour to learn more about how modern living is getting redefined with every passing day.

A box shaped façade

Modern touches and designer concepts meet the playful, for a stylish meet and greet which translates into a stunning facade of eye catching good looks. The façade of this home tells a modish and minimalistic tale, with its geometrical pattern play and the box shape flaunting a layered look. The white and brown exterior is a medley of concrete, glass and wood, and creates a winning look. The well manicured green lawn surrounding the house features a concrete path leading up to the porch with its simple style. Premium quality timber complements the expansive look of the white façade.

A full frontal view

The front view of the home impresses with its linearity and with its play of layered boxes. The windows bring in symmetry to balance the hint of quirkiness of the jutting out timber portions. Lush greenery adds softness to the seemingly austere residence.

Glass and wood for a stylish nook

A play of glass and wood in one corner of the home make for a stylish looking space. This corner has a gleaming quality that is creative and solid. And this way, sunshine gets to flood the interiors adequately. The wide stone deck is lined by grass, and gives off a soothing vibe.

An open living room

The open and inviting living room is modern in a minimal sort of way. It uses a palette of grey and white to deck the slate-coloured floor, while a solid wooden table sits nearby in the dining area. Large sliding glass doors sit between the living area and the lush greenery outside, making this room seem even more open. Flowy white drapes coyly wait to be drawn for the night, as the egg-shaped chairs sit by for added comfort. A mustard-hued lamp stands tall in the corner, and a pure white rug completes the look.

Super stylish, super solid: The staircase

The staircase is a powerful play of elements balanced in a monochrome look. The white walls flanking the wide staircase hold tight to the black granite lining its tops as well as the iron railing. The granite and marble steps create a visually enchanting look full of solid promise and high design values. The levels veer off on their respective sides only to meet again at the top. The resultant wall below has been painted in bright mustard to add a pop of colour.

The lush green backyard

The backyard is a truly luxurious space where you will have to decide what to let your attention rest on. The giant fabric canopy that starts from the rooftop creates a playful aura as it throws shade on the deck, and ensures that the natural light streaming into the home through the glass walls is monitored. It also creates a sit out with a smattering of rattan furniture, ideal for spending time in the lap of nature.

This modern home has a minimal yet solid take on all things designer. In doing so, it successfully creates a stylish aura that envelopes the abode, and earns our admiration with its jaw dropping visual story. Take a look at another home tour for more ideas - A Magical Villa Engulfed In Nature.

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