8 tips to make your contemporary bathroom look more expensive

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Although the bathroom is usually the second most expensive room to renovate (the kitchen wins first place), that doesn’t mean you need a hefty budget or a full-on renovation to give it a sleek makeover. If opting for marble tiles, claw-foot tubs and other mouthwatering features isn’t a possibility right now, relax – we are here to show you how you can still get that super contemporary bathroom space you’ve been dreaming about with some minor touches here and there.

It might just end up looking like you’ve left your bathroom in the hands of a professional Interior Designer…  

1. Add a seating spot

Master Suite and Master Bathroom Renovation in Great Falls, VA BOWA - Design Build Experts Modern Bathroom
BOWA—Design Build Experts

Master Suite and Master Bathroom Renovation in Great Falls, VA

BOWA - Design Build Experts

From a simple garden stool to a tufted ottoman, any top-grade bathroom has a little perching place. For your contemporary bathroom, go with stainless steel and sleek, minimalist-like designs to free up legroom. 

2. Get clever with containers

Storage is important for any space, but your contemporary bathroom can gain even more style points if you store your cotton balls, toothbrush and other goodies in sleek, matching containers (i.e.glass, steel, brass) instead of the ones you bought them in. 

3. Upgrade your bath mat

Old Montauk Highway House, SA-DA Architecture SA-DA Architecture Modern Bathroom
SA-DA Architecture

Old Montauk Highway House

SA-DA Architecture

A dingy old mat can instantly bring down that sleek, contemporary look you’re going for. And one of the hottest trends right now is replacing terry cloth mats with Turkish or Persian rugs for an even more inspiring effect. 

Sure, those beautiful patterns and eye-catching colors are not what you would expect from a super contemporary space, yet they have been proven to add so much personality and sophistication to a bathroom. 

5. Hook up

A clean and neat look is one of the easiest ways to get the most out of your contemporary bathroom. Thus, hang a small hand-towel ring right by the sink where you’ll need one. And install a hook for your bathrobe (maybe behind the door). And ensure there’s a handy rod (bonus points if it’s heated) nearby for those towels right after bathing / showering. 

6. Bring in a bit of brass

Brass and copper have been adding so much style to modern- and contemporary spaces for the past few years. The fact that it’s not chrome (which is the most basic of finishes) instantly gives a space more visual splendor.

And relax, there’s no need to replace all of your faucets – a new soap dish, magnifying mirror, or a new jar for your cotton buds / toothbrush should be sufficient. 

7. Dress up your walls

Even special wallpaper can be relied on to give your bathroom a sleek new look. Granted, it’s not the cheapest option on our list, but if you don’t have the budget for a full-on bathroom renovation right now, spend a few hundred bucks on a roll or two (even if it’s just for an accent wall) to instantly transform your bathroom into a contemporary creation. 

Just ensure those wallpaper patterns aren’t too busy – remember a contemporary style is all about being elegant without trying too hard. 

8. Enhance your lighting

Renovation on 82nd Street, KBR Design and Build KBR Design and Build Modern Bathroom
KBR Design and Build

Renovation on 82nd Street

KBR Design and Build

Swapping your builder-grade fixture for a graceful chandelier or sleek pendants is not only a luxury; it’s crucial if you want your contemporary bathroom to be both stylish and functional—and who doesn’t want that?

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