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10 crucial items for your modern bathroom design

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7Storeys Modern Bathroom
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Renovating or adding an extra bathroom to a home is considered one of the best steps in terms of upping a household’s functionality. It’s also a fact that an extra or updated bathroom can mean an impressive rise in property value. And even though your bathroom’s style comes down to personal preference, a clean-cut look is the best choice if you’re thinking about selling your home later in life, as modern designs appeal to more people (as any professional Bathroom Designer or Interior Decorator will tell you). 

Modern design can mean many things, but there are a few must-have items if you want your bathroom to flaunt a super modern (and, let’s face it, very practical) look.

And here are 10 of them…

1. Crisp neutrals

Forget about loud colours, for your modern bathroom requires a crisp and clean colour palette made up of neutral- and earthy hues. Think of off-white tints, greys, creams, browns and beiges that can help that layout look more open and inviting.

And if you’re scared that those whites and greys might come off as too chilly, add a dose of warm woods with subtle grains. 

2. A floating vanity

House Milne - Main Bathroom Hugo Hamity Architects Modern Bathroom
Hugo Hamity Architects

House Milne—Main Bathroom

Hugo Hamity Architects

A must-have item for a modern bathroom is a sense of minimalism – hence, pieces that help clear up legroom. Thus, we recommend a floating, wall-mounted vanity to expose a bit of that floor while helping the space feel larger. 

3. Double sinks

If you have the space, definitely go with a double-sink design to up your modern bathroom’s functionality. It also adds a clean look. Plus, let’s be honest: there’s something very satisfying about having your own sink with plenty of counter space around it. 

4. A curbless walk-in shower

Bathroom 7Storeys Modern Bathroom



To make your modern bathroom look sleeker, a curbless walk-in shower is just the thing. With no curb, there’s less of a tripping hazard, plus it’s so convenient! 

5. A separate tub for soaking

Even though that curbless shower is great, sometimes one does just wants to relax and soak for a bit. Check out which free-standing or sunken tubs best fit your space and budget, and try to get one with space on the rim for some aromatherapy candles and other bathroom goodies. 

6. A dual-flush toilet

Designing or renovating any space in 2020 should focus on environmentally friendly aspects. And that’s why a dual-flush toilet is the preferred option for modern bathrooms, since it’s more efficient and better regulates one’s usage of water. This option is especially ideal for warmer climates like here in South Africa! 

7. Streamlined hardware

Forget about ornate designs, your bathroom’s look should be simple and streamlined. Ideally, your fixtures should all be bought from one manufacturer (or, at the very least, look they have been). That’ll add to the clean-cut look you’re going for. 

8. Modern lighting

To enjoy bright white light with no yellow undertones in your modern bathroom, go with modern LED or fluorescent bulbs. Installed in the ceiling and below your medicine cabinet will ensure glowing (but not too bright) walls to help the space look larger, as well as ensure a clearer reflection when it’s time for shaving, applying makeup, or just gussying up in front of that bathroom mirror. 

9. Wall-mounted heated towel rack

Case Study: Isleworth, Middlesex BathroomsByDesign Retail Ltd Modern Bathroom
BathroomsByDesign Retail Ltd

Case Study: Isleworth, Middlesex

BathroomsByDesign Retail Ltd

Pretty common in Europe, wall-mounted heated towel racks are becoming more and more popular in local bathroom designs. After all, our country tends to have quite chilly winters every now and again! 

10. A separate water closet

There are some things that even couples don’t share, and answering nature’s call is sometimes one of them. Thus, if you have the space, we firmly recommend placing that toilet behind a pocket door or additional wall for some extra privacy!

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