The 7 essentials for your modern laundry room

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Everybody who has ever slung a laundry bag over their shoulder and set off to the laundromat knows the excitement that comes with having their very own laundry room at home. Believe it or not, but a personal laundry room is one of the most coveted spaces of many homeowners (just like walk-in closets, albeit less luxurious).  

But don’t think that a washer and dryer are all you need! These 7 factors are all equally vital to set up a proper functioning laundry room, regardless of your home’s size or your household’s laundry routine. 

1. A fitting location

Laundry is a part of life, regardless of how many times a week you do it. Thus, spare yourself some pain and don’t put your laundry room on the first floor if your bedrooms are on the second, for instance (if possible). If it’s no more than a few feet from where you sleep and/or bathe (depending on where your laundry bins are locate), then that’s just perfect! 

2. Practical finishes

Similar to designing a bathroom and kitchen, the finishes in your laundry room need to be practical. Thus, make sure to prioritize tile or other water-resistant flooring / wall surfaces that can quickly be wiped down when need to. 

3. Everyday pieces and features

For a fully stocked laundry room ready for action, you require:

• Detergent

• Bleach

• Dryer sheets

• Stain- and odor removers (plus anything else you use to do your household’s laundry)

• Ironing (and sewing) supplies

• Other products for laundry room tasks, such as spray starch for ironing

• Extra towels

• Cleaning supplies

• Garbage can (for dryer lint and scraps of packaging)

• Instruction manuals for your appliances (in case something starts thumping or blinking, you have the manuals right there to help you navigate your washer, dryer, and iron quickly and easily). 

4. Any required extras (unique to each household)

The basics are what you need for an effective laundry room. Anything else can be regarded as “nice to have”, and these will depend on the available space you have in there. Some additional features can include:

• A table or shelf for folding laundry

• Drying rack or indoor clothesline

• Clothespins 

• Ironing board

• Steamer

• Various bins to sort your laundry into darks, lights, etc. 

5. Proper ventilation and lighting

That washer and dryer can cause humidity in your laundry room, which means adequate ventilation to keep the space as cool and dry as possible. A window that can open (and usher in daylight) is perfect, but try and see if you can’t invest in an extra ventilation system as well, like a fan. 

6. The right décor

Laundry needs to be made fun and interesting, and that’s where appropriate décor can help. And between paint, furniture, wall art and accessories, there are endless options to decorate a laundry room the same way you would a bedroom or study (or any other room in your home). 

Think of elements like colorful / fluffy rugs to brighten up the space, matching containers for a more streamlined look, etc. 

7. Sufficient storage

This is crucial! So often, laundry rooms become the spaces where we store items that don’t have a home anywhere else. But it can also quickly become a hot spot for clutter. And to keep your laundry room as neat as possible, invest in closets, drawers, hanging racks, cubbies, basically anything that can help keep the clutter at bay. 

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Planning on designing your own laundry room? What else would you include in there?

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