Planning a beautiful kitchen pantry? Ask yourself first…

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Will 2020 be the year that you finally treat yourself to a new kitchen pantry? Consider yourself lucky if the answer is “yes”, but that still doesn’t excuse you from proper planning beforehand. 

To make this process easier, we’ve jotted down 9 of the most important questions to ask yourself. These are some of the same queries you’ll be facing if you choose to work with a professional, like a Kitchen Planner or Interior Designer. Plus, we’ve included 9 practical, beautiful kitchen pantries to encourage some daydreaming on your side!

1. What is my budget?

Nothing is for free, and if a practical and beautiful kitchen pantry is on your wish list for 2020, you’ll need to pay for it. Find out the price of both the material and labor needed for your job. And remember to budget a little extra (at least 10%) for those unforeseen costs that always pop up. 

2. Which way will the pantry’s door open?

Space is precious, and just because you’re gaining a kitchen pantry doesn’t mean you can be wasteful with legroom. Consider that an outward-sliding door allows more room for pantry shelving, yet sliding- and folding doors save on space. Inward-sliding doors save legroom on the outside, but can make an already tiny pantry seem even smaller. 

3. Will it be sufficiently lit?

Most pantries have either small windows or none at all. To refrain from stubbing your toe when searching for whatever in there at night, consider installing quality LED lighting – or a skylight! 

4. How will I reach the top shelves?

If your pantry is large enough, we suggest parking a ladder on a sliding rail to help you reach those infrequently used items on the higher shelves. For smaller spaces, go with a stepladder that you can store out of the way when not needed. 

5. What low-cost materials can ensure a high-class look?

You don’t want your pantry to stick out from the rest of your stylish kitchen just because you cut corners money-wise, right? And even though it doesn’t have to be super deluxe, your pantry’s shelves and cabinets still need to be constructed from strong material and a finish that complements the rest of your cooking space. 

If solid polished wood shelves or powder-coated metal racks are above your budget, consider engineered wood: it is strong and has a contemporary vibe, especially in its raw state or with a light stain. 

6. How will this pantry affect kitchen traffic and –cooking?

What’s the point of splurging on a pantry if it negatively affects your cooking routine or kitchen accessibility? Ensure that it’s located near to where you prepare food, as well as counters and tables (for when it becomes time to stock it). 

7. How will I arrange the shelves to see frequently used items?

Stuff that you use every day need to be on the shelves in front of you as soon as you enter the pantry – and they can’t be too deep, either, so that you can see everything instantly by storing smaller items in front of larger ones. Keep the wider and lower shelves for your heavy dishware and servingware. 

8. What special features are needed?

The planning stage is when you need to zoom in on special features that will enhance the use (and look) of your kitchen pantry. Consider touches like pullout baskets for root veggies, a built-in Lazy Susan for convenience, narrow cubbies for party platters, or spice / wine racks. 

9. How do I refrain from overcrowding my pantry?

Those pantry walls can help with storage, but keep it simple. Wall hooks for aprons and utensils can up your pantry’s functionality, perhaps even a chalkboard painted on for notes / menus.

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Will you be treating yourself to a new / bigger / better kitchen pantry this year?

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