The 2020 Pantone Color of the Year (and how to use it in your home)

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Since 2000, the design professionals over at Pantone have chosen a color each and every year that, based on trend forecasting and in-depth research, they feel is to be the tint for the forthcoming 12 months. This is based on what is taking place in our global culture at a moment in time. And this color is not only for interior design, but also fashion, graphic, etc. 

2020 is no exception, with this year’s color turning out to be Classic Blue, PANTONE 19-4052. Flaunting a deep shade, this blue is at once comforting and relatable that can be used in quite a number of ways when it comes to styling up our interiors.

But how, exactly, can you add Classic Blue to your home without making it seem too overwhelming?

We may have a few suggestions…  

1. The versatility of Classic Blue

Bringing to mind both the constant and the classic, this particular shade of blue reminds one of the sky as dusk settles in; a classically tailored suit; cool and serene waters of the ocean or a lake… Thus, it shows up in quite a few areas, including nature. Perhaps that’s why it has proven to be such a popular tint, for it’s already being used in fashion, textiles, graphic design and, obviously, interior design. 

2. Classic Blue for your wall

Since it can be quite a moody color, we recommend being very careful splashing it onto all four walls of a room. But for a focal wall? Go for it! 

How about using it as an accent hue to add elegance and character to a space, whether it’s a bedroom, study, or even a bathroom? Even better when it’s paired with much lighter hues (like soft grays and off whites) to conjure up some visual contrast. Just keep the size of the room in mind, for Classic Blue can very easily swallow up an entire area. 

3. Classic Blue for your kitchen cabinets

While red has proven to stimulate one’s appetite, it’s not the only primary color that’s welcome in the kitchen. A fresh coat of this dark blue tint can very easily spice up kitchen cabinetry and built-in storage compartments, especially when black-and-white countertops and metallic accents are also present in the final design. 

Just be sure to include lots of light (both natural and artificial)! 

4. Classic Blue for your furniture

It would seem Interior Designers are also crazy about Classic Blue styling up large pieces of furniture, such as statement-making sofas that grab attention, especially in spacious and open-plan layouts prone to softer (and more neutral) color palettes. 

5. Classic Blue for the floors

Speaking of grabbing attention, how about committing to an area rug in this rich blue color to neatly pull together an open-plan layout? True, an entire floor clad in Classic Blue could be too much, but a stunning little textured rug could be just the thing to add this royal hue into your interior space. 

6. Classic Blue for your décor

The great thing about rich and broody colors like Classic Blue is that they are ideal for smaller pieces that can be scattered about, like decorations. Therefore, anything from pillows and vases to table runners and kitchenware can flaunt this rich color without overpowering the rest of your room. 

7. Classic Blue and other colors

Of course Classic Blue doesn’t have to be the only popping color that you bring into your interiors in 2020. Just see the remarkable results here where it meets up with other hues (from off white and brown to turquoise and gold). Don’t be scared to experiment with this blue just because it’s such a rich shade!

Now that you know what color to include in your home, we’re going to help you Stay stylish with these 6 interior design trends for 2020.  

What are your thoughts on Classic Blue? Will you be using it in your home this year?

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