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Hong Kong-based interior design firm S.LO Studio prides itself on effectively combining its holistic, creative services with strong business, operational, and client management. This approach to every project, plus the firm’s commitment to sustainable results, is what has put the company at the forefront of excellence when it comes to design.

The proof is in numerous puddings (or projects), more recently Banyan Workspace. This boutique office and events venue on the Quarry Bay waterfront might be known for its breathtaking harbour views, yet S.LO Studio deserves full credit for the stylish interiors encompassing a not-too-shabby 550 m² area layout.

Let’s explore this unique project, and how it brilliantly came together, in detail…  

The reception area

When the clients approached S.Lo studio, they were in the very early stages of their start-up business development. They already had the name ‘Banyan’ in mind, plus the sort of values they wanted to instil into their business, however S.Lo professionals helped further define the brand story & identity, and provided their logo design.

With S.LO Studio on board, concept design was kick-started around late November 2018. About 6 months later, the final design (including top-notch project management and construction) was finished!

The keywords ‘lush’ and ‘natural’ are quite vital in this project, as is evidenced by the unusual reception area (where the wall material is made of eucalyptus wood and treated with heat rather than chemical stain). It is as if one is embedded within the roots and soil of the system, surrounded by the branches and nutrients that feed the entire operation. 

Creative decisions

This project was not without its fair share of complications and restrictions. For instance, some very unusual structural elements were presented, yet these ended up pushing the professionals in the right direction in order to achieve some very striking design results. The existing mezzanine and beams of the structure could have been thought of as problems, yet these challenges were quickly and creatively overcome via steelwork modifications, circulation solutions, and significant edits to layout efficiency.

Moreover, upper level space that could have been adequate for another 4-5 desks was, instead, transformed into an atrium, resulting in a stunning view of the common area for each private office. True, this decision might have cost the client some rent income, yet the atrium’s visual openness has become one of the design’s most talked-about features – not to mention what it has meant for social events.

Other unique features

Other visually arresting (and, of course, practical) features included in the final design are the double-height library event space with balcony, the central planter, bespoke desk chairs and textile design, captivating seating areas, as well as the niche-embedded desk area.

Don’t forget about the beautiful plants and pots sprinkled throughout the space to conjure up a lush and natural feeling. 

Super social

As part of the double-height library event space is this unique little balcony that gets a lot of attention, especially during after-hours cocktails and other social events.

Visually pleasing results

Thanks to the professionals’ first-rate commitment, the Banyan workspace flaunts a terrific collection of raw and modern elements combined with traditionally crafted materials. The result? A work environment that manages to be both tranquil and sophisticated. 

Take this planter as an example. Honed travertine contrasts beautifully with lush foliage, not to mention the exquisite colour palette that speaks of Mother Nature. The entire elongated desk enjoys some green foliage which has been specifically selected to keep the indoor air fresh and filtered. In addition, the sconces have been crafted from demolition waste concrete and manufactured locally. 

The lounge

To up the space’s tranquil ambience, a cosy breakout area was included, complete with unforgettable views over the outer Hong Kong harbour. Here is where one can relax with a cup of tea / coffee while catching up on emails, having a chat with a friend / colleague, or just enjoying the calm style that radiates from the floor, walls, ceiling, and everything in between of Banyan. 

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