Home design trends for 2020: What's in and what's out?

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There’s a reasoning behind the saying ‘Change is the only constant’! It can get monotonous to live with the same décor for a few years, let alone a lifetime. That’s the reason most homeowners move the furniture, add new accessories, change the furnishing and try to bring small changes to the home décor. It’s also the reason why professional interior designers and decorators advise an update to the interiors every once in a while. While it is possible to make a house look stylish and chic with a few cosmetic changes, designs evolve, and trends change over time, so it’s essential to keep pace with the latest styles. Let’s help you stay updated by presenting a peek into what will be in, and what will be out, in 2020.

In: Vertical gardens and live plants in planters

In the burgeoning urban concrete jungles and a world driven by technology, humans crave the soothing comfort of greenery, natural plants and green spaces. With shrinking square footage and the challenges of creating a garden in homes, landscape architects try to introduce greenery in the indoors with plants in pots and planters or a vertical garden. This green trend benefits one’s health, environment and the aesthetic appeal of a home. It’s a small change that makes a significant difference.

Out: Faux plants for decoration

Even from a distance, faux plants can be recognised, and with time, they become dull and monotonous as they have no growth. In 2020, bid farewell to faux plants and replace them with refreshing natural greenery.

In: The golden era of black and white

Be bold and use the stark contrast of black and white in home décor as it is once again in fashion. While black and white are classy and chic, don’t hesitate to experiment with other striking contrasts in 2020.

Out: The monotony of monochromatic shades

While the trend has been in vogue for some time, it has lived its life and is now out of fashion. Monochromatic tones are making way for bold and impactful colours and contrast. Designers and homeowners are opening up to the idea of experimenting with the colours instead of playing safe with monochromes.

In: The natural charm of rattan and wicker furniture

Once again, the natural beauty of rattan and wicker furniture, which we used to refer to as ‘cane furniture’, is back with a bang. The love for natural and responsibly sourced material is growing, resulting in rattan and wicker furniture trending. The best part is that the material goes perfectly with both modern and traditional décor.

Out: The industrial feel of metal furniture

Comfort and glamour are en vogue, and hence the heavy industrial look of the metal furniture, meant for sturdiness and durability, is out for now. 

In: Low maintenance faux marble

Kitchen homify Modern Kitchen



In the fast-paced life of today, what people need is convenience, and that’s why a low-maintenance kitchen counter-top is preferred. Kitchen planners have found the perfect solution in faux marble, which replicates the natural charm of marble and is also easy to maintain.

Out: The charm of real marble

Although nothing beats its luxurious look, the natural beauty of genuine marble comes with the disadvantage of high maintenance, which is the reason that more people are replacing it with easy to maintain faux marble or quartz. Expect to see more of it in 2020.

In: Playful interiors for glamour and happiness

LIVING ROOM DECORE KARU AN ARTIST Modern Living Room Purple/Violet



Playful interior décor with an eclectic mix of colour, furniture and a few or even a single accessory will rule home décor in 2020. Browse through antique stores or thrift shops in the city or buy funky accessories to add glamour to the interior décor of the home.

Out: The age-old attraction for arches

The classy charm of arches and elaborate architectural details are no longer attracting architects and homeowners. The architectural beauty of arches in vintage homes is now shifting towards modern and minimalist linear design.   

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