10 Indian house pictures that will make you want to build a home

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How often have you wished to buy a home of your own and held back due to lack of finances or some other reason only to regret the decision later? In a market where real estate prices are skyrocketing year on year and banks are willing to finance house construction, there’s no better time to make your dream home a reality. If you can’t decide about the type of house you would like to live in, the pictures of stand-alone homes and residences in this ideabook will help you make up your mind. See how the architects have collaborated with owners to create these masterpieces for families to cherish and build memories for years to come.

1. Classic style design

Fascade homify Modern Houses



The beautiful combination of dark and light colours on the facade and the lights along the exterior outline give this house an enchanting aura. By using artistic stonework on the exterior sidewall, which is flanked by a charming square balcony with a glass balustrade, the designers have created a perfect combination of rustic and modern sensibilities.

2. Compact and classy

This attractive modern house will make you revise your thinking that large plots are needed to make spacious residences. Its solid structure uses a combination of wood, glass and concrete to create a charming front elevation. The design provides the perfect mix of privacy and open spaces with wide windows and a balcony.

3. Elegant contemporary home

This elegant residential bungalow in West Bengal has been designed to pique the viewer’s imagination and curiosity. The combination of dark grey concrete tile and wood cladding on the façade gives the house a warm and inviting environment while contemporary planes and angles in the front enhance its stylish layout. The colour scheme is neutral while the glass safety railing on the balcony and large french windows elevate the style of this residence.

4. A unique triangular home

This uniquely structured house is located on a north-west corner plot in a residential area of West Bangalore. The clients wanted spacious and comfortable rooms but were anxious that the small plot would not be able to provide it. To give it a unique feel,  the architects took inspiration from origami to design the exterior facade. The front elevation of the house looks like a folded piece of paper seamlessly wrapped around the open corner of the site. As the plot was narrow they created slanting lines along the horizontal region to create spacious rooms along its length. It helped to create illusion of larger spaces within a small site. They created skylights to flood the interiors with natural light throughout the day. The design features light-toned materials with asymmetric windows that appear to burst through the white space.

5. An eclectic combination of modern and traditional

This state-of-the-art and luxurious home in Kerala has an exquisite style with decorative elements that pique the viewer’s curiosity about what the interior will look like. The neutral colour palette within the house acts as a suitable background for its interior decoration so that the beauty of furniture and furnishings within is enhanced.

6. Glowing architectural beauty

This delightful home, which was designed for two brothers, uses an amalgamation of modern geometry and traditional angles to achieve a fine balance of privacy and comfort. The exterior of the house gives us a glimpse of the fine details that were envisioned to create the visually stunning facade. The attractive lighting highlights the facade, including the long balcony, the roof and the front courtyard, to present an appealing visual from the curb.

7. Home of simple sensibilities

This architectural beauty displays a stylish blend of Asian artistry and oriental beauty. It is designed with modern elements for practical purposes such as easy maintenance, stylish structure and a perfect balance of solid and weatherproof exteriors.  Its open-air terrace is ideal for summer evenings. The house is in typical contemporary style, featuring wood and stone elements, which add a soothing vibe to the interior and exterior of the house.

8. Residential home of artful design

The client desired a two-level home atop his private clinic in a thickly populated residential neighbourhood of Chennai city. It has been artfully designed to maintain connectivity on all three levels without compromising on the natural light and airflow by using oversized windows and doors. The front elevation is inspired by geometric shapes.

9. Country home of rustic beauty

This rustic style single-level residence was designed keeping in mind the hot and humid weather in the region. The home is constructed out of locally available brick and stone, and the house is built on a sloping plane. The design features a central open courtyard with the living area opening into it to enhance the feeling of spaciousness. The roof is made of fabricated steel with internal boarding and Mangalore tiles for a rustic and warm appearance. The verandah also acts as a central corridor, connecting the living room, bedrooms, kitchen and dining area. The high ceiling and ventilators keep the living areas cool during summer.

10. Artistic house with roof garden

Corner elevation de square Small houses
de square

Corner elevation

de square

Building a spacious house with sufficient air and light was a challenge for the architects as the plot was just 1200 sq ft. For better utilisation of space, a curving staircase was cleverly designed in the centre not only to divide the house into two halves but also to facilitate seamless movement between both levels. The open layout makes the interiors appear expansive and airy. From the outside, it appears as if large boxes have been stacked one on top of the other.

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