The do’s and don’ts for small and sophisticated bedrooms

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It’s no secret that small bedrooms can be tricky to decorate. Especially when you want your small bedroom to be so much more than just “pretty”. How about words like “elegant”, “sophisticated”, “luxurious”? 

The good news is that it’s totally possible to give a small sleeping space a wow-worthy design. The bad news… well, there is none! All that will be required from you is careful attention to these 8 tips (and accompanying images) to see how professional Interior Designers and Decorators do it!

1. DO pick space-saving furnishings

Saving up on legroom (aside from ensuring visually pleasing aesthetics, of course) is key in a small bedroom. And that’s where ingenious inventions like built-in storage compartments, storage baskets under the bed, stacking bedside tables, benches that double as shelves, and others can make a world of difference. 

2. DON’T overcrowd those patterns

You want to create the illusion of space and serenity in your small bedroom, which is why you need to shy away from an overload of patterns. One piece as your focal point is fine, along with one piece flaunting a bold pattern (perhaps your scatter cushions, or the window treatment) – for the rest, stick to subtle finishes and quiet colors. 

3. DO opt for a feature wall

Speaking of focal points, we do encourage you to have a feature wall in your small bedroom, as it can ensure color and pattern without taking up visual legroom. Maybe consider paneling, wallpaper, or just some fancy painted colors. However, be sure to leave those other walls in a neutral color! 

4. DON’T under decorate

Less is more, sure, but don’t sacrifice design for legroom, as it can very easily translate into a dull and underdone style. Don’t forego piece that you would normally incorporate, like wall pictures or rugs. These will help your bedroom to feel cozy, welcoming, and well decorated. 

5. DO make use of vertical space

Aside from styling up a feature wall, use your vertical space to add to your small bedroom’s style and functionality. Attach wall lamps and shelving. Maybe even opt for wall-mounted side tables to fee up some extra legroom. 

6. DON’T neglect your window treatment

Here’s a tip: drapes and curtains fitted exactly to your window will make the room feel even smaller. Thus, go big! Install rods close to the ceiling and have elegant curtains or drapes cascading down to the floor. Just watch those colors and patterns! 

7. DO copy five-star hotels

Did you know that many boutique hotels have quite small bedrooms, yet very few people notice it? That’s because they are so carefully and cleverly decorated! Some of the more creative tricks they use are: padded headboards, plus throw pillows, fancy and lush floor rugs, layered lighting, and clean color palettes. 

Also keep in mind that hotels always include bedside tables, even if they’re just small shelves, to up the room’s functionality. 

8. DO incorporate mirrors

Why would you not want to add mirrors to your very small bedroom? They double up on visual space, plus help reflect light to make the room seem brighter and better. 

Whichever of these tips you opt for, just remember to have fun when giving your small bedroom a sophisticated makeover.

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