10 stylish ideas for an open-plan living room, dining room, and kitchen

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For today’s modern and multi-versatile lifestyles, an open-plan layout (which usually consists of a living room, dining area, and kitchen) are nothing short of ideal. But it still requires a delicate dose of skill to make said open-plan space practical and visually stunning. After all, when one entertains in that living room, one still wants the adjoining zones to be as functional as possible while looking beautiful, correct? 

Fortunately, homify is here to ease your worries with these 10 tips for making the most of your open-plan layout! 

1. Choose a cohesive color palette

Opt for a neutral color scheme to visually combine all three zones, but choose an accent color that gets repeated throughout. It will go a long way to make the cooking-, seating-, and dining areas blend into one another. 

2. Arrange the furniture away from the walls

Think of your wall area as a hallway to help yourself (and guests) move easier from one section to the next. It will assist with making the best of a large, open space. 

3. Opt for round furnishings to soften your open floor plan

As most open-plan floor plans are rectangular, and tend to feature angular elements, some round pieces can break up those sharp angles. Think of elements like a round coffee table, circular side tables, curvy rugs and other accessories, etc. Then repeat these from one section to the next. 

4. Repeat a favorite piece or material in each of the zones

There are a myriad of different activities one can enjoy in a large open-plan space that includes a kitchen, living room, and dining area. But to successfully create a cohesive look, copy a key element in all three areas, such as a brass light fixture over the breakfast bar and dining room table, lightly tinted timber for the living room’s coffee table and kitchen island, etc. 

5. Remember furniture scale

Always select pieces which are appropriately scaled to the room. When it comes to a large open space, you want to go with items that are grounded and not too tall and thin to counterbalance the room. Keep in mind that scale guides ensure fabulous design. 

6. Make your open layout feel inviting and intimate

Look to your lights – allow for sufficient low-level ambient lighting within different zones, such as table- and floor lamps. The layered lighting will also help to visually mix and mingle the various zones. 

7. Ground your area with a rug

Designating separate zones for dining, sitting, and working/cooking can be confusing. That’s why we recommend adding a large area rug or some tiled designs as the landing spot to make that certain space stand out.

Bonus points if the colors / patterns of your rug / floor tiles are repeated in the adjoining zone!

8. Ensure cohesion with wallpaper

In need of a unifying element in your disjointed open-plan space? How about some eye-catching wallpaper to tie the zones together in a stylish manner? Or just wallpaper the one area (like the dining room) and make the colors / patterns in the wallpaper repeat in the adjoining area (such as the kitchen) via decorations and accessories. 

9. Balance cohesiveness with interest

To make one’s eyes flow comfortably from the living room to the dining zone to the kitchen, there needs to be a visual link. Remember that interest can be added via accessories like scatter cushions and drapery, smaller furniture accents, and even artwork. And those larger pieces, like sofas and dining tables, can be slightly paired back so that they almost fade into the surrounding, smaller elements. 

10. Don’t forget about the ceiling

Speaking of pairing back larger pieces, your open-plan space’s ceiling also counts. See how you can bring the entire ceiling down in certain areas for a more intimate vibe. One creative way is via lighting fixtures, such as hanging a large pendant or group over your dining table, living room, or the kitchen island. You could even opt to change the color or design of the ceiling in one of the zones, like the way this living room ceiling's royal blue color is repeated in the dining room at the back.

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Which of these tips will you be using to ensure visual splendor in your open-plan space?

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