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Need a bedroom do-over? Let these 9 bedroom inspirations inspire you to renew yours now

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Your bedroom is your haven when you want to lay your head down and recharge or simply escape the rest of the busy house. You don’t have to have a large bedroom, neither does yours need to be tiny to mean something special. One thing is certain, a perfect bedroom is a place so inviting that you’ll definitely have sweet dreams every night.

If you’re tired of your current bedroom and the way it looks, then maybe it’s time for a change. You don’t need to break the bank in your makeover. Choosing professional interior decorators and designers can help you get this right while staying in budget.  

Let’s get into those 9 amazing and inspiring bedroom makeover ideas to help you “freshen up” yours!  

1. Use wallpaper for your walls: it's cost-effective

While the paint is beautiful, durable, and fantastic in many ways, it isn’t always a cheap option. If you’re looking to do your bedroom over, the paint may be an expensive choice. To save on the costs, why not opt for a stunning wallpaper print. Wallpaper is low maintenance and can simply be removed if you get bored of it.

Don’t be shy when choosing your wallpaper print. These days bold designs are very trendy. Even floral can pull off the charm without it being in a country home.   

2. Add some chairs or seating areas: it's handy when putting shoes on

Main Bedroom CS DESIGN Modern Bedroom

Main Bedroom


Chairs are not only meant for living rooms. You can add them to your bedroom. Besides, chairs make a clever addition, especially when putting your shoes on. Chairs are comfy and just make a bedroom relaxing and lovelier.

Your options are plenty when it comes to chairs. You could choose an armchair, occasional chair, an ottoman that doubles as storage, a day bed or a two-seater couch.   

3. Add some colour: it will keep things interesting and pretty

Neutrals are perfect and easy to use when redoing your interior decoration. This works wonders for a bedroom makeover. You could also take things up a notch and add some colour. This bedroom is a beautiful example, showcasing gorgeous aqua blue accents throughout the space.   

4. Mirrors are a perfect reflection: they are almost great at illusions

Grey-scale Luxury Carne Interiors Classic style bedroom
Carne Interiors

Grey-scale Luxury

Carne Interiors

Mirrors are an excellent addition to your bedroom. If you are thinking about a bedroom makeover and haven’t considered hanging a mirror or two in your new bedroom then try it out. Mirrors are pros at playing illusions on the eye.

With that said if you were working with a small bedroom, adding mirrors across one end wall will give the illusion of the place looking bigger than it is. Mirrors are also handy to catch one more glimpse of yourself before you leave the house.   

5. Find the perfect lighting: every bedroom needs good lighting

With your ideal design and decorated bedroom, you want to make sure that you also get the lights right. It’s no use having the perfect bedroom but it lacks the perfect lighting. You can opt for chandeliers, down lighters, pendant lights, a floor lamp, or a wall light. You are also spoilt for choice when it comes to designs and colours; simply let your creativity flow.   

6. Try darker accent walls: this will create drama and set the mood

Dark accent walls are a very popular choice among interior designers and decorators. This is because dark colours add a hint of drama and intrigue to what could otherwise appear “plain-jane”. For your bedroom makeover, pair dark colour accent with brighter “jewel-like” colour notes. This will complement the marriage of charm and mystery.  

7. Choose a theme colour: it gives a living space structure

Theme-colours are wonderful to give the space decorated structure. For your bedroom makeover, try choosing one or two primary theme colours. Work with these and level out the rest in neutrals.   

8. Spark creativity with some art: art is always a tasteful touch to any space

Art is undeniably beautiful and hard to ignore. Hanging some paintings in your bedroom will boost aesthetic appeal. These days, you can buy prints at affordable prices from nearly every home and decor store.   

9. Invest in a two-tone wall—this is unique and adds a hint of fun

Have you ever had a two-toned wall in your bedroom? There are many ways you can achieve this. Picking two good colours and pairing them vertically or horizontally is sure to transform your bedroom into something interesting. It’s also a great way to work with colour blocking effects.

Also, check out these modern bedroom design ideas.  

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