10 ways to use that wasted space under your stairs

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Space should definitely be on some sort of endangered species list! Everywhere we look it’s as if houses and apartments are getting smaller. That puts quite the important task on tenants and homeowners everywhere: take what legroom you have and make the absolute most of it!

And that brings us to one of the most wasted pieces of space in the majority of homes: under the stairs. If your house has more than one storey, then you have at least one set of staircase in your home. And chances are that there’s some perfectly practical legroom going to waste.

So, what are you going to do about it? Well, first of all, you’re going to read through our piece that highlights 10 clever ways to make use of the space under your stairs. Then, you’re going to evaluate your own staircase, and the space underneath it, and see which of our 10 tricks are most suitable to you. 

Just keep in mind that some of our recommendations require more work than others. And when it comes to changing your home’s architecture or altering the materials / layout, we firmly recommend making use of a professional. Professionals like Architects, Interior Designers, Builders, Electricians, etc. are all trained to work with structures, and while they place high emphasis on perfect results for clients, they always take safety very seriously. 

1. Grow a garden

Mother Nature has blessed us with an abundance of different plants and flowers. And some of them are ideal for low-light areas, like inside one's home. We recommend turning that unused space under your stairs into a green oasis, which will not only freshen your interiors' air, but also lend some color, pattern, and texture to it.

2. Style up a little me nook

Love to read? Take naps? Meditate? Whatever you're into, that area underneath your stairs might be the perfect space to do it in. We just love the effort that went into turning this little area into a me zone. An upholstered bench, stylish lighting, decorations, and even shelving for some storage…  

3. Display some décor

A few floating shelves are all that's needed to help you show off some travel keepsakes, framed photographs, beautiful vases… you get the idea!

4. What about your TV?

Thanks to a stylish credenza functioning as a TV unit (and which is in the same color as the timber staircase), this area makes the living room so much more practical.

5. Ideal for bookworms

If you've got it, flaunt it. We are, of course, talking about an impressive book collection. And if there's one thing that all bookworms know, it's that we are proud of our reading material and want to show it off as much as possible.

6. The perfect space for some jamming

Music lovers don't need an entire room dedicated to their instrument of choice. Here, the area underneath an open-riser staircase became the ideal location to practice plucking some strings.

7. An extra closet

Have way too many fashion accessories on your hands? Need space for seasonal clothing? How about those holiday decorations? With the help of a professional (such as a Carpenter), your under-the-stairs space can double up as an additional closet.

8. A culinary corner

If you're really lucky (and creative), you can even turn that little area into a kitchenette—maybe even with an attached breakfast bar.

9. A lounging spot

If you simply don't have the time or budget for a little renovation project, simply shove a stylish sofa underneath your stairs. It fills up the legroom, plus gives you an additional spot for relaxing.

10. A wine connoisseur’s dream

With the help of a professional, you can up your home's capacity for wine storage considerably!

Speaking of being creative with space, we have these 7 clever tips for small and modern bathrooms to check out! 

Which of these tricks will you be using for that unused space underneath your staircase?

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