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Our newest source of design inspiration comes from Rayshon Pty Ltd. Located in Sandton, Rayshon Pty Ltd provides various products to clients, including one of the most innovative and practical features designed to enhance one’s lifestyle in the 21st century: the Media Wall. 

The design of the Media Wall came about when the question was asked: How can technology be successfully and stylishly integrated into designer spaces? With its flexibility and customisation versatility, the Media Wall is the answer to that question, and is bent on becoming the no. 1 option for professional Interior Designers and homeowners. 

But how does the Media Wall combine modern technology with first-class style? Thanks to the combined efforts of top designers, engineers and technology experts, the Media Wall is the answer to a room’s wiring of a flat-screen TV, speaker system, decoders, DVD players etc. in the form of an ultra-modern, flexible unit.

The result? A wealth of devices are kept safe and secure without compromising the visual aesthetics of an interior space – and that includes residential houses, corporate offices, and more. 

The Media Wall at home

The experts at Rayshon Pty Ltd know the importance of safety, especially in homes with children and pets. That’s why the Media Wall conveniently allows for wires and cables to be tucked away in a neat and safe manner. 

Aiding in the Media Wall’s functionality is its simplistic manner of keeping relevant devices (from DVD players to sound systems) in one place. 

And don’t forget about versatility (a big selling point for consumers), as one is able to choose the colour and style of a Media Wall to blend in flawlessly with one’s interior spaces. 

Upping the office’s functionality (and style)

What makes the Media Wall superb for corporate- and commercial spaces is that it can be branded with the required logo and colours. That and the fact that it is perfectly compatible with various TV sizes. 

Ensuring a sleek touch for hotels

Not to worry if you’re working in the hospitality industry – guests and staff at your hotel, motel, bed and breakfast, etc. are not able to disconnect or remove the Media Wall’s devices. 

Plus, the unit’s casing can be altered in case of damage or if you want it to flaunt some new colours, etc. 

Perfect for private use

Attention to detail is key with the designing, manufacturing, and assembling of Media Walls. That is why the various front-end finishing options are careful chosen from trusted leaders in terms of variety, quality, and visual style. This ensures first-rate quality for clients. 

Some of the finishing options that clients can choose include natural materials like timbers and leathers, and composites such as corian, synthetic stone, and various other alternatives. Using the latest manufacturing technology, every finish option is trimmed to perfect. 

Thus, you can rest assured that whichever Media Wall you opt for has been meticulously crafted and will be flawlessly assembled at the desired location by experts. 

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