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It is often when we are purchasing our first homes that we consider carefully how we would like our ideal home to look like. For many people this will be grand in nature with large expansive rooms and plenty of space for entertaining our family and friends. A pool is often on the wish list of things we would like to have in our dream home. Although for most of us, we may have to wait for this dream to become a reality. When the time finally arrives to get our pool, there is much planning that will need to be done. Installing a pool on your property does not only involve the choice of pool, but also the important area around the pool; the decking, paving, furniture, storage any other features you wish to have in around your dream pool. It is important that you consider these choices carefully as the pool area will be the space you will relax and entertain for many years to come. homify has done the research and identified the most important things to consider when planning a for your dream pool.


The most important consideration to make when choosing a pool is how the pool will be used, and who will be using it? These answers will dictate the sort of pool you will need. There are many different shapes and styles of pool available today; above ground, in ground, rectangular-shaped, kidney-shaped, small and large. If you will use the pool primarily for exercise, you may wish to choose a large rectangular shaped pool. If the pool will be used by children, a smaller kidney shaped pool with a shallow end may be the best choice. If you are wanting to spend a good deal of time entertaining, you may want to consider having a smaller pool with a combined spa. Before making the final decision about the style of pool, also consider how much space there will be available for the pool. This will avoid any disappointments later when your dream pool does not fit.

Type of Pool

The next major consideration you will need to make regarding your pool is the material that it will be lined with. There are several options in regard to this, and each has positives and negatives. Fibreglass is one of the most popular choices for in ground pools. It is considered the most maintenance free option, although it can cost more to purchase initially. Cement is another option. Cement will give you a lot of flexibility in the design of your pool. This may be a good choice if you have a very small space available or a specific pool shape in mind. It does however require more maintenance than fiberglass, requiring replacement every twenty years. Vinyl is the other type of pool available.  These types of pools can be the cheapest to purchase initially, but are prone to rips and will require far more maintenance than fiberglass or cement pools.

Added Features

As well as the important decisions involved in the choice of pool, you will also be required to decide on the pool surroundings and special features. Even if you are on a strict budget, there are certain things that you will need to include in the pool surroundings. These may include poolside furniture, pool or decking coverings, and added features such as a slide or diving board. It may seem like the purchase costs are the only consideration when deciding on these features, but there may be other elements to take into consideration. A diving pool may affect the insurance coverage of the property, and an added spa or pool heating system will have an impact on the power bill. Consider these carefully when making these important choices.

What Sort of Deck is Best?

Now that the pool and features have been decided, it is now time to choose the decking material. This is yet another important decision that will need careful consideration. There are many different types of materials to choose from, although the three most popular materials are; concrete, paving and tiles. Concrete is the cheapest option, it can have a variety of finishes to make it unique and attractive. It will however, require on going maintenance. Paving is the next option. Paving is a good choice for those interested in a particular look. It comes in a variety of colours and textures and is fade resistant and non-slip. Tile is the other option. Tiles have the highest initial outlay costs, however it provides the highest durability and can withstand extremes in temperatures and weather conditions. This decking was designed by A.Babosa.

Will you Landscape?

As your dream pool area comes together, it will becomes necessary to make the final touches on the final design. Landscaping is often the last thing to be installed. Landscaping can be seen as the icing on the cake for a pool design. A good landscape design can really bring the entire pool area together. When designing the landscaping around the pool consider making it functional as well as aesthetically attractive. Plants should be a variety of types and sizes to create a sense of interest. Choose taller plants on the boundary to provide privacy. Choose smaller plants around the edges to give depth. Consider using plants that shed fewer leaves. This means less time cleaning the pool in the long run. You many also consider trees and plants that require less maintenance. This means more time enjoying the pool.

Maintain the Dream

Now that you have finished designing and constructing your dream pool, it is important to establish a maintenance plan in order to keep it in tip top condition. Be sure to regularly check the condition of the water in the pool to ensure those swimming in it do not become sick. This also means cutting back the trees and plants around the pool in order to reduce the amount of leaves and dirt entering the pool. Be sure to check the safety of the decking every month as a broken tile or damage to paving or concrete can be a dangerous tripping hazard. It is also important to make regular checks of all added features of the pool such as slides, furniture and pool toys. These can often deteriorate during the colder winter months.

A pool is a wonderful place to relax and to entertain family and friends. If you have decided that a pool will be a good addition to your house, there will be many decisions that you will need to consider when organizing your new pool. Who will be using the pool? And how will they be using it? This will determine what sort of pool you will need. You will then need to decide what it will be made of, any added features, the type of decking and if you will need to have landscaping. When making these decisions consider the functional as well as practical considerations. When you have made these difficult choices, it will be time to relax by the calming waters of your dream pool. For more pool inspiration see Give your Garden a Stylish Swimming Pool.

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