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12 small bathrooms that you should see before remodelling yours

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It’s happened: you’ve discovered the house of your dreams and it has everything you’ve wished for! A beautiful entryway, a stunning front- and back garden, and even a spacious open-plan living room that merges seamlessly with the kitchen.

There is just one thing you didn’t ask for: that small bathroom. Guess the best thing to do now is hack it up and make it bigger, right?

Not quite! Because even though said small bathroom might have little legroom, an awkwardly fitting toilet and a much smaller shower / tub than you would have liked, it can still be fully functional, practical and stylish with just a few thoughtful modifications. After all, one doesn’t require a tonne of space to shave, shower, and answer nature’s call, does one? 

The thing to really keep in mind here is that tiny doesn’t necessarily mean impractical. In fact, a small bathroom can teach us how to keep our toiletries to a minimum (because who really needs 4 different kinds of shampoos?). With a smaller bathroom, we are basically forced to throw out unnecessary pieces that add to clutter.

So, with a less-is-more approach in mind, let’s take a look at 12 small bathrooms (done up by professionals in the architectural / design industry) that are just as elegant, beautiful, and practical as their larger counterparts. 

1. The secret to making this small bathroom more visually spacious?

That soft colour palette that helps to spread the lighting (both natural and artificial) from surface to surface.  

Of course the elegant lighting fixtures and graceful décor don’t hurt either! 

2. No room for a tub? This modern bathroom moved its bathing space outdoors to a (covered) little patio!

3. This tiny water closet is far from dull and cramped thanks to wall niches (for storage) and a floating vanity.

4. Luckily wall tiles don't take up any legroom.

That's how this bathroom manages to strike an elegant pose: with beautiful oversized tiles conjuring up an accent wall.

5. Speaking of beautiful tiles, how about this striking shower with its texture and cladding?

And that glass wall separates the shower space from the floor without taking up visual space! 

6. Even the rustic design style can be appreciated with very little legroom.

Case in point, this design with its pebble flooring, timber vanity / mirror, and rough-looking walls.

7. Even awkward locations, like this loft space, can become practical with the correct placement of bathroom pieces.

Our recommendation for awkward layouts? Stick to a light colour palette and use as little texture / pattern as possible!

8. Now this is a sublime way of replacing an oversized tub without losing visual appeal!

9. Never overlook the style power of wall art, in both big and small rooms.

And nature art / botanical prints always have a way of softening up a space while adding a touch of colour.

10. Get clever with corners, especially in awkward-shaped spaces.

De Kelders Residence Hermanus Western Cape CS DESIGN Modern Bathroom

De Kelders Residence Hermanus Western Cape


That wall cupboard can go a long way in helping to clear up cluttered bathroom accessories in here.

11. Deluxe lighting saves the day!

Even the smallest space can become beautifully bright (and more visually spacious) if you get clever and creative with your lighting fixtures. And bonus points if you opt for a shiny surface (like that accent wall and the oversized mirror) to help cast the light around the room. 

12. With a floating vanity, you clear up floor space while also taking care of storage—pure perfection!

Since we’re seeing how small can be super stylish, have a look at these 5 beautiful designs of small kitchen cupboards

Small but stylish: 10 tips to make your small bathroom WORK!
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