Small but stylish: 10 tips to make your small bathroom WORK!

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It’s a fact: big bathrooms are the stuff of dreams, but don’t be misled into thinking that smaller, more compact bathrooms are a nightmare. Even professional Bathroom Designers know it’s not the size that counts, but rather what you do with it. 

Because with the right accessories and layout, even the teeniest bathroom can be transformed into an ultra luxurious space reminiscent of a day at the spa. 

And, as always, we here at homify have done the research for you to help add a heap of style and functionality to your small bathroom…  

1. Use glass carefully

A modern walk-in shower surrounded by seamless glass quickly ups your bathroom’s visual spaciousness. Yes, a glass door might cost more than a shower curtain, but is so much more durable. 

2. Have fun with textures and patterns

Strong patterns and textures add delicious depth and character to any space, even a tiny bathroom. Just stay away from too-dark colors, as they’ll swallow your little bathroom right back up! 

3. Capitalize on shelving

Use that wall space to add shelving and, thus, up your small bathroom’s storage capacity. To refrain from visually closing in your bathroom, install narrow and open shelves at eye level and ensure they’re the same color as the walls. 

If your bathroom’s space is insufficient for hanging extra shelves, consider adding recessed shelving or wall niches (for with a professional might be required). 

4. Zoom in on your toilet area

The area above a toilet goes unused far too many times, but how much wall space is being wasted in this manner? Ever considered installing a cabinet, floating shelf, or even a simple towel railing over the tank? 

And while we’re busy with the toilet (in terms of design, mind you), how about replacing it with a more rounded bowl to free up some extra legroom? 

5. Opt for decent, layered lighting

Chances are great that you’ll be using your bathroom for at least half the time after the sun has set. Thus, you’re going to need decent lighting, and we don’t just mean from a single little overhead bulb. Opt for wall sconces alongside your mirror as well (or even a single one next to the shower, or above the toilet… ) to up your small bathroom’s layered lighting, which will make it seem more open and welcoming (and, thus, bigger). 

6. Stock up on mirrors

Mirrors instantly make a room seem bigger than it is. What’s more, it helps reflects light around (from the window and from your new wall sconces) to brighten up the space. 

7. Lose your bathtub

Your typical bathtub takes up about twice the amount of floor space than a shower. So, if you have the option of getting rid of that tub, you’ll open up your small bathroom fantastically. After all, showers are the better option for adults and guests (they’re quicker and use less water). And simply add a little hand shower to help your pets get clean, too! 

8. Mix dark floors with lighter walls

The use of color in a small bathroom is crucial. Dark walls will make the space seem more cramped, but light-hued walls will do the opposite since they reflect more light. 

Leave the darker colors for the floor to contrast visually with your light-hued walls. 

9. Stick to slim-line bathroom fittings

Similar to a living room, your small bathroom needs to address scale of furnishings as well. Slim designs is your answer, whether it’s a slimmer model of your toilet, towel rail, vanity, mirror, or storage cupboards. 

10. Add an accent wall

Too much and too bright a color will visually shrink your small bathroom. But an accent wall will achieve the opposite by adding depth and interest without overwhelming the rest of the room. 

For your small bathroom, opt to have the accent wall on the back wall so that it’s instantly visible upon entry. Paint the entire wall in a stunning color, clad it with pretty tiles, or simply just add a band of color to make it pop slightly from the rest of the room. 

And that’s how you breathe life, style, and visual space into a small bathroom! Now, let’s move on to these 6 tips to make the best of a small bedroom

Which of these ideas will you be implementing in your small bathroom?

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