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Our homify 360° for today focuses on Go4cork, a company focused on enhancing beautiful interiors while also taking the environment into consideration – quite the dream team of professionals, especially now in the 21st century where all of us need to be living much greener. And this team’s material of choice? Cork, one of the purest, most natural materials on earth that is quite versatile in appearance and functionality. 

Go4Cork is certainly not the only company on earth that realizes the potential of cork, but it is proud of the fact that it does make use of its natural, reusable, and recyclable characteristics to help produce practical, more creative interiors for homeowners.

But how can cork as a building tool play a part in our daily lives without compromising planet earth? Let’s find out…  

Perfect for insulation

Whether it’s for interior spaces or outdoor walls, cork can form part of a structure’s insulation to produce excellent thermal- and acoustic benefits. Thanks to its resilience and sound-damping capacities, cork as an insulation material can drown out the noise of the street, the next-door neighbors, the conversation in the next room, and even the light vibrations / buzzing produced by appliances and air-conditioning systems. 

The benefits of cork as an insulation material

• Compatible with various types of wall coverings (i.e. wood, concrete, stone)

• Easy and quick to install

• Durable and eco-friendly• 100% recyclable

• Enhances your home’s energy efficiency

• It has damp-proof properties, meaning it can be used in environments that pose a risk of damp penetration (such as roof constructions)

• Protective clothes need not be worn during installation, as cork causes no irritation or dust, nor it is harmful to one’s health. 

Cork for the office

Of course it’s not only residential spaces that can benefit from cork as a building material, but also commercial structures. Due to its low thermal conductivity, paired with its amazing ability to store heat and release it slowly, cork can make an ideal thermal insulator for the office, for instance. 

No more sweaty and humid office interiors during the summer, or a chilly environment in the winter – all thanks to cork! 

But why is cork such a sustainable building material?

What makes cork the perfect candidate for the no. 1 building tool of the 21st century is its low levels of embodied energy. As a raw material produced by Mother Nature, cork is perfectly renewable. In addition, it also plays a major role in the reduction of greenhouse gasses. 

Thus, opting for cork as opposed to another material means that not only are you taking the environment into consideration, but you’re also choosing a natural material with eye-catching visual beauty and exceptional raw texture. 

Cork as insulation for your roof and floor

Apart from walls, cork also makes for a stunning choice for roof and floor insulation, due to it being lightweight its easy to adjust / slice / apply. 

Easy to install beneath the floor of your home or office, cork is also recommended due to being durable and warm to the touch. 

Thus, is there any more reason not to trust cork as the newest and most popular building tool for homes and businesses everywhere in the 21st century? Go4Cork doesn’t think so, and we have to agree!  

Beauty and brains! Let’s see How Go4Cork helps you with creative interiors

Would you consider using cork as an insulation material in your home or business?

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