12 fantastic front doors to change your home’s look

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What’s the first thing you notice when you rock up to someone’s home, especially the first time? The color of the walls? The front garden? Well, for the majority of us, it’s the design of that front door, particularly if we’re standing on the front porch for a few seconds waiting for the owners to respond to the doorbell / knocking. That puts quite an importance on the look of a front door, wouldn’t you agree? 

Replacing a front door can instantly change the entire appearance of your home’s façade and influence curb appeal, something that potential buyers deem as crucial. But in addition to being beautiful, that front door also needs to be sturdy – not only to endure all types of weather, but also keep your possessions and family safe. 

So, what are our options when it comes to the perfect front door materials?

Wood: One of the most popular choices in any country, especially since it can be altered to suit any size, shape and style. In addition, wood front doors can easily be personalized with decorative glass accents, side lights, etc. But keep in mind that, with time, wood naturally warps due to the outdoor elements, meaning keeping up with maintenance on your part in terms of sealing it, fixing or even replacing the entire design. 

Fiberglass: For the look of a wood front door with extra durability, fiberglass is your answer. Fiberglass doors can be stained in a multitude of different colors to perfectly mimic traditional wood while being much more resistant to small dents and nicks than ordinary wood. And with their insulated cores, fiberglass doors offer additional protection from the elements. The downside? They can be more costly than wood doors. 

Steel: One of the best options for those seeking ultra strong and safe front doors. And modern designs also present us with metal entry doors that have insulated foam with a steel panel on either side. But nothing’s perfect – while this may make a steel door strong and help to keep cool winds outside, the smallest of dent will be very difficult to repair and might mean you need to replace the entire thing. 

Glass: While a glass door will allow outsiders a peek of your interiors, it will also usher in decadent amounts of natural light and garden views. But on the flip side, this could also mean you’ll be inviting in cold air at the cracks of the door. If this and privacy is a main concern for you, we recommend choosing a wood, fiberglass, or steel door with the option of installing glass sidelights for extra style and light.  

And on that note, let’s glance at some prime examples of front door beauties to get your daydreaming (and planning) started! 

1. Dark wood becomes even more attractive when mixed with lighter neutral colors (and materials) for this modern façade.

2. How about an abundance of sunshine and lush garden views streaming in through these generous glass doors and windows?

3. Don't forget that you can also look to your front porch's design to influence your door's style.

4. Dark metal beautifully breaks up the warm wooden tones of this front entrance.

5. Tired of all those neutrals at your front entryway? Add some color via a potted plant!

6. We love how wood, stone, and foliage conjure up a fresh tropical feel for this front entrance!

7. Now this is how you add a front door that's also a delicious focal piece for your home!

8. How interesting: going with wood for the door and glass for the walls!

9. A slim slit of glass adds a dash of sunshine to this wood front door.

10. Luckily, we can also add patterns and designs to glass doors for a bit of character.

11. Fancy a blocked motif to enhance your façade's brick design?

12. Don't forget about colored glass for extra style!

Now, to add some dazzle to your interiors, we present A touch of glamour: handmade Italian illumination

Which of these examples would be perfect for your front entrance?

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