The Pretty Little Loft Conversion In Barcelona

Lily Cichanowicz Lily Cichanowicz
Arquitectura Interior 88 Modern Dining Room
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There is something effortlessly cool about the urban loft. These spaces are the epitome of converting what was once viewed as a not so fortuitous living situation into something to be envied, the equivalent of turning lemons into lemonade, if you will. Lofts have long since invited a unique, industrial form of creativity into the world of urban design. Designers must be clever and efficient with the layouts they choose to implement in the loft space, but the rewards of getting it right are high. 

Lofts make for excellent spaces for entertaining, and they can provide a dwelling that is conducive to the natural flow of living. Today we will be exploring one such manifestation of successful loft living in Barcelona. The design team at Arquitectura Interior 88 renovated this old apartment to improve the flow and distribution of sunlight while maintaining much of the charm of the original features. Let's take a look!

Fresh and funky kitchen

There is certainly no shortage of light in this lovely one-wall kitchen. The windows are actually a good distance away from this space, but the use of white walls and kitchen fronts helps compound the effect of the sunlight. 

Thanks to the exposed brick wall and modern art pieces, the kitchen is fresh and fun, making it the perfect addition to this trendy loft space.

Combined living space

As we make our way past the kitchen, we can see that the elongated apartment opens into this larger living space, which easily houses a sofa and a full dining room set. The rich tones of the wood floor are absolutely stunning. 

Meanwhile, the exposed metal pipes that run across the ceiling help to maintain the hip industrial vibe that is so commonly associated with lofts. The dining room furniture set really ties the room together by combining vibrant white chairs and a dark wooden table, the predominating colours and textures present throughout the room.

Let there be light

As we shift our orientation within the same room we can get a much better sense of its sheer size. There is enough room here to fit a large corner sofa, coffee table, and TV setup while still maintaining a sense of spaciousness. It is likely that the use of white paint and furniture can largely account for the overall feeling of expansiveness. 

Of course, we can’t forget about the effects of the natural light emanating through the window on the right side of the room, either. In fact, these windows alone provide the majority of the natural light for the entire apartment!

Scoping out the rest

Before we continue the rest of our tour, let’s take one last look at the apartment from this angle. Here we can see that the apartment is unified by a long corridor, and partial walls were erected to divide the space. 

Let’s also take this opportunity to appreciate the beautiful rustic wooden beams that the design team kept from the original apartment.

Master bedroom + en suite

Moving down the hallway to the opposite end of the apartment, we encounter the master bedroom. Thanks to the design team’s strategic configuration of the apartment’s layout, the master bedroom also features a petite en suite toilet. 

On the left hand side is the door to the hallway, and on the right is the bathroom. This portion of the apartment again represents a marvellous use of space!

Petite potty

The bathroom in particular is typical for a city apartment in terms of size. Yet it still manages to neatly contain a standing shower, toilet and sink. It is bright white with touches of green, and it is pleasantly lit. There is even a small built-in shelf in the shower for conveniently storing soaps and shampoos.

If you want more inspiration for decorating your urban apartment, check out this small apartment with spectacular style.

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