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The Golden Rules of Bathroom Renovation

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Renovating your bathroom can be daunting. There are lot of decisions to be made, from what colour scheme to go with, to whether it should include a bath tub or shower, maybe even both? The type of fixtures and fittings, storage options available and even the layout are part of the decision making process. 

This Ideabook aims to provide you with some hints and tips to make your bathroom renovation a little easier! The ideal bathroom will suit the personal style and character of the homeowner and can be anything from modern minimalist, to classic and charming! Your revamp may even include demolish a wall to create something spacious, attractive and different!

Uncluttered perfection

An uncluttered bathroom, now that seems to be the dream for many new homeowners. Everything perfectly placed, from toiletries to towels, the bathroom sink is now empty. One of the great ways of creating a minimalist style bathroom is to include simple features, basic colours and neutral materials. 

This example is perfect! The neutral colour of the exposed grey concrete adds to the simplicity of the style, while the all-white cabinet and fixtures enhances that very basic design trend. The large mirror along with the excellent lighting creates a gorgeous and comfortable illumination!

Clever storage

While many people have their daily routine that includes brushing their teeth, using a shampoo and conditioner, as well as shower gel and then proceeding to cleanse, tone and moisturise. This would mean that the bathroom will be filled with containers. The perfect way to hide those containers in fantastic storage is where homify comes in!

This amazing bathroom drawer provides adequate, yet clever storage for all your daily essentials! It makes for a neat and tidy bathroom, with everything perfectly in its place. Never lose your box of earbuds or dental floss again with this organised bathroom drawer!

Password: Ergonomics

So while the dictionary definition of ergonomics means the study of people's efficiency in their working environment, we have opted to adapt that to the bathroom. Basically creating the most comfortable and easily accessible bathroom to suit your personal needs!

This fantastic monochrome style has simplicity, storage and luxury taken care of, but what makes it even more fabulous is its proximity to the bedroom! The minimalist fixtures and fittings as well as excellent lighting make this bathroom a comfortable and relaxing style choice for any homeowner, with privacy being the key factor!

Horizontal and vertical planes

The bathroom as a series of vertical and horizontal planes means that you can plan what you would like to place where, making things easier to access or more eye-catching, whether it be some elegant extra storage, where best to place your double sink or even that luxurious shower, resembling a spa experience!

A bathroom can be made vibrant and attractive simply by the placement of the lights, illumination is key in any bathroom and this one has all the key design features that can make a bathroom even more fascinating! So start thinking about your perfect layout!

Demolish a wall

Demolishing a bathroom wall is a scary thought, but this just might be the perfect way to create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere that you could never have imagined! It certainly adds a brighter breezier ambiance, especially if by demolishing a wall you now gain access to natural sunlight!

This ensuite idea is undoubtedly different to the usual bathroom scene, there is no separation between the sleeping quarters and the bathroom, besides a few glass panels. So if you are open minded and a bit more adventurous, then this idea from the team at Stando Interior Design might just suit you!

Let the light shine in

This final image shows off the possibilities that are achievable by just letting in some fantastic daylight. This will boost the relaxing space, making it more comfortable, while adding a stylish illumination that cannot be achieved with other lighting sources. 

There is nothing quite as luxurious as enjoying a sensational and tranquil bath with a view of the great outdoors, sunshine and fresh air! The neutral shades of the bathroom has a simple yet elegant royal touch, made possible by the stunning blue rug! Which bathroom essentials do you need? Find out with homify!

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