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Home Repairs You Can Perform Yourself

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House repairs are for countless homeowners something that

they choose to leave to professionals to handle. However, there are many home

repairs that aren’t too complex in nature and are easily executed by laymen. In

case you are wondering which repairs you are perfectly safe and capable

performing on your own, here is a short list. All you’ll need are parts and

tools that you can get at the nearest hardware store.

Covering up ceiling stains

Perhaps there was a leak in the neighbor’s bathroom above or

you have squashed a pesky mosquito against the ceiling. Whatever the case, such

and similar scenarios leave a stain on your ceiling that is hard to conceal

unless you repaint the entire room. In order to save money, all you need is

spray-on canned paint that upshots and covers up the stain. Since most

ceilings are colored white, the stain will be easily covered up with white

spray paint. Just make sure you place nylon or old newspapers on the floor

below so dripping paint doesn’t stain it.

A clogged and a smelly dishwasher

A dishwasher that reeks from the inside is not only an

unpleasant experience but a real hazard as well. The fact that there are food

leftovers inside, means that the drain can get clogged causing a flood. In

order to clean the dishwasher, you should scrub it thoroughly a natural

cleaning solution comprised of a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. If you add

some lemon juice to the mixture, you will attain that lemony aftersmell.

Repairing dents in the wood

There are so many surfaces in our home made from wood, from

hardwood floors to the kitchen

countertop, that it’s no wonder they get damaged all the time. You are

powerless when the wood is chipped but dents are something you can counter.

Grab a wet cloth, like a disused cotton towel and place it over the problem

area. Then use the iron to heat the cloth and the floor underneath, and watch

as steam corrects the dent, raising the wood beneath to the surface.

Faulty screws

Even if you wanted to count, you probably couldn’t find all

the screws installed inside your house. They number in thousands and it is

perfectly for some of them to fail. For instance, the screws holding the

surface of the deck can succumb to the elements, rust, and break off. In order

not to break waste time and effort, you can get an electric screwdriver to

remove multiple screws in a single go. Just google hardware supplies near me to

find the right screwdrivers for the job. In general, if there are (power) tools

that will make your job easier, don’t hesitate to get them.

Fixing wallpaper seams

If your wallpapers are starting to show sign of decay, then

they will rupture at the seams. However, this doesn’t mean that they need

replacing, as you can preserve the wallpaper by fixing the seam. All you need

is a sealer that is basically modified white glue used for wood. Before you

apply the sealer, place a wet cloth over the seam so you would loosen it enough

to insert the glue. After this, grab a flat screwdriver to widen the gap and

carefully apply the sealer. Once you pass over the seam several times using a

roller and applying high pressure, the edges of the wallpaper will be as good

as new.

Straightening the blinds

Blinds are ideal protection against the sun and noisy

neighbors. Since they are placed on the inside of the windows, they cannot be

blown away by strong winds like

awnings can. However, this means that there are at constant risk of bending

because inadvertent adults shouldering their way through the house, children at

play or an inquisitive pet. Individual slats seem irreparable but here is one

device than can help us. Straightening that one slat that has been annoying us

for years is done using a simple mini-blind slat straightener. This simple

device is as rudimentary as it is cheap; it costs around 10 dollars.

The 6 repairs listed above are merely examples of tens and

hundreds of home repairs that are well inside your area of expertise as a

homeowner. Yes, more complex repairs require professional help but there is a

myriad of fixes that you can perform on your own.