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Like any other feature that gets added in (or outside) one’s house, garden fences come in a variety of options. But before you decide on what type (and color, and material, and style, and size… ) to choose, be clear about why you require fencing. The most common factors that help homeowners decide on their garden fences are: 

• Security

• Privacy

• Screening (to drown out wind / noise)

• Costs

• Visual appearance (fencing can add to or subtract from the look of your garden and house). 

So, while you decide which of these factors are going to affect your choices, let’s sift through 10 ideas for garden fences…

1. Lattice panels

With its criss-cross design, lattice panels lend a charming look to an outdoor space, whether they're made from wood, metal, or another material. 

2. Varnished wood

Wood is one thing, but add some varnish and that look changes considerably. And although we have nothing against the natural look of raw wood, varnished surfaces up that deluxe look considerably. That's why we recommend the varnished look for more modern / contemporary designs.

3. Raw concrete

Think of your garden fence as an interior wall. The same way you'd add color, pattern and texture to, say, your living room wall, so must you commit to the appropriate style for your outdoor fences and walls. 

And since we all know the timeless appeal of textured surfaces and neutral hues, a concrete wall (with a slight rustic surface in a subtle grey / beige / cream) will always be considered in vogue for gardens. 

4. Textured concrete

Now what if you'd like some more motifs with your outdoor walls and fences? That's when you consider a textured concrete option, as shown in this example. Almost resembling a brick-clad wall, this outdoor fence / wall is enhanced even further via the neat garden trimmings.

5. A lush hedge

To really up your garden's lushness, you can't do better than Mother Nature herself—and by that we mean a hedge consisting of leaves, plants, flowers, etc. Just remember to remain committed to keeping that hedge looking fresh, beautiful, and alive! Yes, the maintenance factor is definitely enhanced with a lush hedge maze, but the end results (as you can see in this picturesque example) are so worth it. 

6. Artistically stainless steel

In addition to being quite sturdy, stainless steel also adds a contemporary / modern vibe to an outdoor space. And let's not forget the added dazzle once that sunshine hits those metal surfaces. 

For a prim-and-proper look, consider a horizontal / vertical design. And for something more playful, this charming design could be just the thing! Who says you can’t let your hair down with garden fences and –walls? 

7. Horizontal boards with stone bottoms

Can't decide between wood and stone? Get both! Thanks to out-of-the-box thinkers, garden fences are available in a wide variety of options, including mixing and matching different materials.

Just be sure to keep those wooden boards neat and healthy via pressure treatment (ensuring a protective barrier against insects and decay), protective stain, etc. 

8. Good ol’ iron

Seeking something sturdy and stylish? This modern update of the more traditional white picket fences might do, especially if your house flaunts a modern / contemporary facade.

Tip: try adding some ranking plants to soften that iron look and increase your garden fence's opaqueness.

8. Curvy metal (with stone)

Speaking of 'softening up' metal, we recommend this creatively curvy design to lend a charming look to your house's exterior barrier. And just see how those stone poles up the fence's patterned / textured look! 

10. Stylish sticks

To lend a raw and rustic look to your garden, how about a reed fence? It'll lend the perfect natural look to a rock garden, especially with a few succulents added in. Granted, it’s not the best option in terms of privacy, but in terms of eye-catching style it certainly gets a thumbs up!

That takes care of outdoor inspiration, but what about indoor splendor? See these 10 plants that are perfect for your living room.  

Are any of these 10 examples perfect for your house and garden?

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