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When it comes to decorating ideas of modern bedrooms, often an eclectic mix of furniture, colours and furnishings are used to take advantage of every square meter so they can look chic, comfortable and luxurious. Colours have a profound effect on mood so choosing the right shades for the bedroom can determine the quality of sleep that one gets. In these designs the interior decorators of homify have used innovative ideas with a unique combination of colours to create modern bedrooms that can inspire you to give a new look to your bedroom.

Some cultures have a tradition of placing the bed in a particular position or direction, but this is not possible at all times. In India, some homeowners build and decorate their homes according to Vastu Shastra that prescribes specific guidelines for the placement of the bed, whereas some decorators believe that it is scientifically right to place it in the south-east direction due to geological effects that promote better health. If you feel that you need ample space for a luxurious bedroom that looks like it belongs in magazines, we will clear up your misconceptions in this ideabook that features some modern bedroom decorating ideas.  

1. Minimalist luxury

Daughter's Bedroom De Panache Modern Bedroom
De Panache

Daughter's Bedroom

De Panache

This stylish bedroom looks luxurious without being ostentatious. The backlit wallpaper behind the headboard and eclectic drop down lamps blend effortlessly into the room's grey and white colour palette. A few memorabilia and flowers on side tables add harmonious colour and perfectly blend with the room decor.

2. Perfect ligthing

A combination of bright and dim ceiling lighting features can elevate the style of the bedroom and enhance the feeling of warmth and luxury. Add a dimmer switch to create a romantic atmosphere when required.

3. Feature wall

This attractive bedroom has two eye-catching features, which are the beautiful blue wall decor and the false ceiling with a stunning lighting fixture that effortlessly attracts the attention of the viewer. As the pillows, furniture, curtains and walls are white, the bright light from the windows enhances the brightness in the room.

4. Classical luxury

Classic bedroom design MSolutions

Classic bedroom design


Accessories reflect one’s style and the right mix of soft furnishings and equipment are essential to make the bedroom the best it can be. This classic style bedroom has all the ingredients of luxury in its decor from stylish wallpaper to silver gilded furniture while the trendy chandelier adds to the charm.

5. Artistic use of a mirror

Every modern bedroom needs a mirror, so why not use it creatively to create the desired look and to enhance the sense of spaciousness? With the mirror panel, it will feel like there is ample space next to the bed!

6. The romance of a canopied bed

There are several ways of creating a canopied bed with just a simple metal frame and wispy drapes or more practical mosquito nets! In this spacious bedroom, the bed is the focal point with a beautiful frame with filigree woodwork.

7. Scandinavian style

This charming bedroom, decorated in Scandinavian style, is an attractive example of simplicity and beauty, with a fresh and airy vibe created using just white furnishings and wood.

8. Rustic touches

Conventional wisdom says that the bed should always be facing the doorway, but in reality, this is not always the best solution as it depends on the layout of the bedroom and adjoining rooms. Interior decorators, however, believe that the bed should be placed to suit the size and proportion of the bedroom. In this square bedroom bed has been placed against the centre wall with an attractive headboard and the rest of the decor matching it.

9. An eye-catching headboard

Who bothers about the furnishings and decoration of a beautiful bedroom, when an eye-catching headboard extends to the ceiling and grabs all the attention? Brilliant!

10. Charming style

A charming combination of white and grey wallpaper and colourful paintings make the bedroom something of a gallery to showcase beauty, so why should the humble bed be far behind? The low slung platform bed decorated with wood laminate and gorgeous printed upholstery gives it the required edge. The headboard with a shelf and small cupboards set against the feature wall complement its white and russet tones.

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