7 clever tips for small and modern bathrooms

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Small bathrooms are no joke. Considering that we spend quite some time in them, bathrooms need to provide sufficient legroom for a variety of actions, from toweling off and brushing teeth to… well, no further details are necessary. 

Some of the more common challenges of a tiny bathroom include:

• Ensuring your toilet and sink are up to code

• Allowing adequate clearance for your shower (and its swinging door)

• Sufficient hanging space for towels. 

Despite these, and many other, challenges, we always vote “yes” for an extra bathroom where one is required (even if it’s small), as it’s one of the many features that potential buyers look for when scoping out potential abodes. 

So, if you’re going this route and treating yourself to a new (albeit small) bathroom, we’ve got these decorating tips and tricks from professional interior designers to help make that space look and feel more open, welcoming and spacious. And stylish, let’s never forget stylish here on homify! 

1. Pick colours that are clean and calm

It’s a known fact that soft, neutral hues like white, cream, beige, and light grey create the illusion of more space. But that does not mean you can’t experiment with a pop of color here and there – as long as your small bathroom’s dominant color scheme is light.

Our suggestion? A soft palette as shown here to make your tiny space seem more open, and then adding some eye-catching tones in the form of accessories and decorations—they'll attract more attention and make your small bathroom seem more friendly and playful! 

2. A floating vanity

Two benefits come with a floating vanity:

a) The extra visual legroom makes your bathroom appear visually larger, and

b) Mounting a vanity provides you with additional space for storing small items underneath, like baskets stocked with accessories. 

3. Hang a mirror to reflect space and light

If you have enough wall space, fill it with a large mirror. It’ll help to reflect all the light (natural and artificial), plus double up on visual space. 

Another idea is to opt for a collection of mirrors and arrange them artistically instead of one large piece. Just try to add them directly opposite windows to reflect the incoming light. 

4. Lose the shower curtain and get a glass door

We really love beautifully colored shower curtains, but when space is an issue, see-through glass is the better option. 

Bonus points if you can get a sliding door that uses less space by not swinging open! 

5. Spice up those walls

If you’ve been blessed with artistic talent, use it to make your small bathroom seem bigger and more beautiful. Paint or stencil stunning visuals onto the walls, especially something that looks like a window with an outdoor view.

If not, some beautiful wallpaper can also lend detail and beauty to your bathroom – just make sure those colors aren’t too dark and the patterns aren’t too busy / suffocating.  

6. Choose light-coloured flooring

There are perfect places for dark, bold floor coverings – and a small bathroom is not one of them. To make the space appear larger, we suggest tiles or laminate flooring in a soft neutral color.

If your budget doesn’t allow for a redoing of the floors, a light-colored rug is your next best bet. 

7. Mix and match materials

Lastly, think about mixing various different materials and surfaces in your small bathroom, such as wood and marble, concrete and timber, glass and metal, etc. This will add visual interest and detail, making you forget all about the limited legroom.

Just be sure to keep that color palette light and subtle and ensure the soft hues cover up the ceiling and the majority of the walls. 

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What other tips can you add to make a small modern bathroom seem bigger (and better)?

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