8 small gardens that will inspire you in any season

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So, you may have been given a tiny patch of outdoor land instead of a great, big garden paradise. And you may be under the impression that it’s a curse as you can’t do anything with it.

Think again! Because with a bit of creativity and out-the-box thinking, that small garden can be styled up to become a smashing outdoor socialising / relaxation area. And we don’t mean after you’ve made use of a top-notch Landscape Architect or Gardener (although if you feel like you want to bring in professional help, be sure to have a look at our extensive range of building- and design experts here on homify). Nope, easy does it with simple tricks such as:

• Using your small garden’s height: Look at what you can accomplish with the walls and fences, or the garage’s side. Use some creepers to add colour and character, hang up a few blooms in hanging baskets, opt for some window boxes, etc. 

• Paving diagonally: Laying your garden’s pavement (or pathway’s tiles) squarely can increase your tiny garden’s visual size. 

• Keeping it bright: We’re all for subtle neutrals, but a small garden can do with some brightening up via vivaciously coloured flowers and pots to make it look lighter and brighter. 

Let’s have a look at some small garden designs where the homeowners (with or without professional assistance) made the ultimate best of their small patches of land. 

1. Keeping it neat




No need to go overboard with giant pergolas, trees, etc. See how a simple bedding of fresh flowers and shrubs, neatly separated from the (equally neat) lawn by stones, can make for quite the tranquil yard space.

2. Perfectly practical

More of a courtyard, but still an exceptional example of how a tiny space can be made up to become beautiful and practical. Pebble grounding, neat bushes, outdoor lighting, and an exterior seating / dining spot—so simple!

3. Asian splendour

SuZhou Garden05, M Garden M Garden Front yard
M  Garden

SuZhou Garden05

M Garden

This small garden corner comes magically to life via a mixing and matching of patterns, textures and colours. And we always give a thumbs up to a water feature done right!

4. A quiet outdoor corner

Kitchen extension Richmond London Design + Build Zen garden Bricks Yellow
London Design + Build

Kitchen extension Richmond

London Design + Build

Not in the mood for plants and potters? Then this example might inspire you… Behold a simple corner, consisting of very few features and materials, which is perfectly practical for outdoor socialising and relaxing. And thanks to the generous glass doors, this small garden instantly becomes part of the interiors—or is it the other way around?

Plus, the artificial grass is sure to save you heaps on that water bill.

5. Picturesque paths

Not much space to work with? Then improvise with what you've got. In this small garden, a simple little pathway became the magical focal point thanks to creative planning (and planting).

6. A contemporary spot for elegant socialising

The modern design teaches us that open-plan layouts are in. Thus, we introduce this small garden which is simply an extension of the indoor living room. And how was it achieved? With a simple bench dressed up with padding and pillows; a dining table; clean granite flooring; and a stunning water feature for some tranquil ambience.

7. High above the city

West Village NYC Rooftop Garden, Amber Freda Home & Garden Amber Freda Home & Garden Eclectic style garden Green nyc roof garden,rooftop garden,roof garden design,rooftop terrace,rooftop landscaping,nyc garden design,nyc landscape design,landscaper,landscaping
Amber Freda Home & Garden

West Village NYC Rooftop Garden

Amber Freda Home & Garden

Even city-bound balconies can still enjoy some lush splendour. The New York skyline is the perfect addition to this rooftop space that is beautifully greened up via potted pretties and some outdoor seating. The secret? A dedication to maintenance, ensuring that small balcony garden remains something to be desired.

8. Very simple, yet still effective




Don't commit to an overload of plants and garden decorations if you haven't been blessed with a green thumb. Keep it simple: trim and water your lawn regularly, sprinkle in a few rocks for character, and plant a simple tree that doesn't require much effort. Less is more, as they say!

From outdoor inspiration to indoor splendour, we present to you these 10 plants that are perfect for your living room.

Feeling inspired yet? What other tips and tricks can you think of to style up a small garden?

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