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Terraces are an integral part of Indian homes. They are the place where family members relax in the evenings on easy-chairs or mats sipping tea and discussing the events of the day. In earlier times, during summer, nearly all the family members would sleep on the terrace, which led to the trend of growing sweet-scented flowering plants like night queen and a few others on the parapet wall or in pots. Though terraces were traditionally used for drying clothes, nowadays families prefer to use them for covered seating and open-air rooftop gardens.

While you can decorate a small terrace with chairs and potted plants, here are some inspiring ideas from our landscape architects for decorating large terraces to turn them into showpieces that reflect the owner's style.  

1. Sunroof Terrace

A charming sunroof lets you bask in the sunlight during winter afternoons and summer evenings while enjoying a warm cuppa with the family. As the area is entirely walled in, it is safe for pets and children to play and enjoy. If required, you can attach a louvred canopy that covers the open roof during hot summer afternoons to protect the plants and grass.

2. Partial Terrace

Even if your terrace is small, do not hesitate to use it to create a small garden. With private terraces becoming a luxury in most large cities, it is a paradise that is worth treasuring. A terrace located just outside the dining area is perfect for maintaining a flow between the indoor and outdoor regions separated by glass doors. A cushioned swing and a backdrop festooned with lush green creepers are perfect for creating a cosy setting. A faux wooden deck and lighting at strategic places create a dreamy effect at night. 

3. Landscaped beauty

Landscaped Terrace Garden Desigent Design Studio Modern Terrace
Desigent Design Studio

Landscaped Terrace Garden

Desigent Design Studio

Maximise the space of your terrace by arranging different sizes of pots. Fill the area with garden furniture, cushions and decorative items that can be taken indoors if required. For privacy, landscape designers often recommend raising the wall on one side. 

4. Roof under the sky

Dividing the terrace into covered and uncovered areas is a great way to enjoy the outdoors irrespective of the weather conditions. Turn the open space into an oasis by using different varieties of potted plants and weatherproof furniture. Try to incorporate as many types of plants as possible in pots or as creepers above the pavilion to keep the terrace cool during summers. You can also set up an herb garden or have plants hanging over the edge of the roof. 

5. Romantic shelter

Create a cosy coffee-house atmosphere for mealtimes on the terrace. Beautiful flowering trees in pots with comfy bamboo chairs and a sturdy table will add an attractive touch to the area. Enhance the privacy by setting up a wooden frame with creepers and plants to keep out the gazes of curious onlookers. Place wooden boxes on the wall and fill them with plants to give the terrace a garden-like feel.

6. Magical Lighting

Use a combination of lighting options to create an appealing ambience in the terrace. Hanging lights with basket-style shades cast beautiful pools of light, which can be dimmed as required. Install a mix of wall-mounted LED lights and hanging lamps for controlling the amount of illumination.

7. Maximum utilisation of space

In this terrace garden, the addition of attractive pottery, a wooden wall frame and built-in wooden furniture add a rustic touch to the design. The terrace space is optimised by arranging different sizes of pots and wooden crates with unique flowering species. Artificial grass has been installed on floor, to improve the beauty of the rustic style terrace, making it resemble a real garden.

8. Open skies

An open terrace with a beautiful view should feature suitable furniture. Try to pick pieces that are in sync with the interior furniture so that both sections flow harmoniously into each other when guests step onto the terrace. You can choose to keep the floor bare for a bohemian look or use a rug or carpet for a more homely ambience.

9. Harmoniously traditional

Doesn't this remind you of summer holidays at your grandparents’ home in the village? You can personalise the terrace or balcony by covering it with a canopy or shrubs to protect it against the sunlight as well as the prying gaze of neighbours. A wooden frame covered with flowering vines is perfect for maintaining privacy and enjoying the summer evenings under a scented canopy.

10. Contemporary charm

site at prabhadevi Mybeautifulife Modern Terrace

site at prabhadevi


The view from a terrace is its main highlight, and ideally, it should be left unobstructed. Limiting the garden to a small space works well for achieving this. A cement bench against the wall can provide seating, although wood furniture is better for creating a cosy ambience.

Even if you have a small terrace, do not despair. Get inspired by these designs for small terraces that can be copied easily to suit the available space.

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