The Most Jaw Dropping DIY Tin Cans Into Beautiful Household Items
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The Most Jaw Dropping DIY Tin Cans Into Beautiful Household Items

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These DIY projects don’t stop at decorative items either. Some of them are useful, like toys for your kids, vases for plants, or lights. There is even a project for a working camera that you can shoot real pictures with—made out of a tin can! How completely awesome is that?While a lot of these projects are clearly identifiable as tin can crafts, with a surprising number of them, you can’t actually tell. I think These DIY are very cool, but the projects that look like tin cans are quite awesome in their own quirky way as well. Personally I like crafts like that, where people can look and be like, “Wow, I can’t believe you did that with a tin can. That’s amazing!”Anyway, enough with my “That’s amazing!” talk.

Check it out for yourself. Here are 50 incredible tin can recycling projects that will blow your mind! I can’t wait to try these projects for myself, and I know you’ll be just as excited to do some of these yourself!

Adorable DIY Tin Can Robot DogWhen I saw this tin can robot dog, the Doctor Who fan in me immediately thought of K-9. As you can see, he’s even got little wheels attached so that you can pull him along. This is a really awesome craft and shows you can design pretty much anything out of tin cans!

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Adorable DIY Tin Man Made from Real Tin Cans and a FunnelI can’t enough of this guy! It looks like his body is made of a coffee tin, and his arms and legs are old soda cans. Even his ears have been made out of tin lids. His buttons, eyes, and mouth appear to be soda bottle caps. His cap is a funnel. What a wonderfully inventive creation!

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