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The five-star Turkish hotel designed with European glamour

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
by Kalya İç Mimarlık \ Kalya Interıor Desıgn Classic
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Kalya Interior is the professional team bringing us our latest gem of inspiration. Based in Turkey, Kalya Interior is a company specialising in interior architecture regarding art, interior design, and furniture. 

Since being established in 2009, the firm has been known for its deluxe interiors that reflect each and every client’s unique and personal vision. Every project might be different, yet there is a definite consistency when it comes to the end products’ visual aesthetics, comfort, and practicality. 

The main mission of Kalya Interior, in the company’s own words: “Our aim is to provide functional and stylish design available to everyone and create a lifestyle interior that is unique, comfortable and practical. We believe that design has the power to transform lives and enhance society… ”

Today we sneak a peek at one of the firm’s many projects that not only stand out in design, but also in size: a 412-room, five-star hotel in Antalya with first-class luxuries designed according to pristine European standards.

Luxurious hotel rooms

Expert care was taken from the very beginning – and it shows in the end product. Thanks to great commitment to high-quality materials and finishes, the hotel’s bedrooms are open, spacious, and speak of 21st century splendour. 

Not only are the beds placed to bathe in incoming natural light all day long, but also to take advantage of exquisite sea views. A padded wall behind the bed plays the part of a focal spot while also upping the earthy colour palette of the space – except for the bed, where scatter cushions of dusty blue and brown evoke a more natural vibe.  

The main restaurant

The elegance isn’t limited to the private rooms. In the main dining area, which flaunts a not-too-shabby layout of 3 km², a touch of glitz and glamour is ensured via modern downlighters, dangling pendants, oversized mirrors, and glass / metal finishes. 

The dish-up bar

The dedication to ceiling detail is immediately visible at the dish-up bar, with solid wood panels forming a linear design atop the various food stations. Majestic marble columns surround the area, sporting watermark-like designs and patterns that speak of this five-star hotel's style.

The eastern-style restaurant

The visual aesthetics take a more eastern approach for the à la carte restaurant, distinguishing the style quite prominently from the previous modern / European-styled spaces. And first up to grab attention is the gigantic lighting fixture with hundreds of intricate little leaf-shaped pieces dangling above the main dining table, casting a warm and inviting glow onto the social party below. 

This sets it apart even more from the rest of the interiors, which opted for a darker and bolder look. 

Private booths, on slightly raised platforms, were added along the side of the restaurant.

The nightclub

Guests who really want to come alive at night will appreciate the two-storey nightclub. A circular bar with an industrial and metal look, complete with surrounding stools takes centre stage, while a similar-shaped dance floor right above is where the real action takes place. 

Epoxy floors are perfect for further illuminating the spaces, enhanced even more so by the vivacious lighting effects that add colour and character throughout the night. 

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