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No piece of bedroom furniture or décor will ever be more important than the ever-crucial bed. It’s even in the name: BEDroom! However, that doesn’t mean that the additional pieces are there to waste space (as any professional interior designer will tell you). And here we refer specifically to the bedroom wardrobe / closet.

Think of your bedroom cupboard – how many times a day do you use it? What does it contain? Is it too small or is it just the right size? (a crucial question if your bedroom is a bit on the small side) How often do you clean it? What colour is it? These and other questions are all vital in order to establish if your bedroom cupboard is, in fact, the right one. Or to help you find the perfect one to help you get dressed, to enhance the look and style of your bedroom, to up the space’s functionality, etc. 

With that in mind, let homify help you choose the ideal wardrobe / cupboard / closet for your bedroom…

1. What size must my bedroom cupboard be?

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Dressing Table & BIC

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Seeing as bedroom cupboards and cabinets are available in a multitude of heights, depths and widths, measuring your space is vital before going shopping for one. But aside from the dimensions of the wardrobe, also consider that you have sufficient clearance around it to comfortably open drawers and doors, walk around it, etc. 

homify hint: For a small bedroom, a corner wardrobe or armoire can help save space. But just ensure that it’s proportionate to the rest of the room, as a large cupboard in a small bedroom will visually shrink the space even more. 

2. What style must I choose for my bedroom cupboard?

Modern, Classic, Scandinavian, Rustic… for every interior design style there are heaps of options when it comes to furniture, and that certainly includes bedroom cupboards and cabinets. To ensure it fits in with the rest of your bedroom’s look, observe what materials, textures, and colours are already present in the room. Check out the interior walls, flooring, curtains, bed, bedside tables… what sort of cupboard would complement these? 

Modern and contemporary bedrooms are ideal for cupboards with black- or white high-gloss / mirrored finishes, particularly if your bedrooms has monochrome tones or tints of grey. On the other hand, a colourful cupboard is just the thing to grab attention and become a scene stealer, especially in a larger room which needs some pizzazz. 

If you’re more into a traditional or rustic look, there is a world of wooden wardrobes out there. 

3. What about bespoke fitted bedroom cupboards?

The best thing about bedroom cupboards? If you’re not in love with any of the mentioned styles above, you can create your own thanks to bespoke fitted bedroom cabinets. This can be the perfect option for when you’re not redesigning your entire bedroom and just require that one little change to breathe new life into the space. 

Consider bespoke fitted cabinets if you’re in desperate need of more storage, seeing as you can treat yourself to a design made to the size of your bedroom. 

To remain in vogue, some of 2019’s more popular bedroom cabinet looks include:

• Minimalistic: handle-free cupboards that blend into the wall and become one with the room;

• Boudoir: adds a luxurious look to the bedroom with brass or crystal handles, gold trimmings, and ornate designs. Replicate this regal look around the room with matching furniture or repaint some pieces like your dressing table and mirror. 

• Industrial: glass-fitted cabinets with metal finishings inside remain a perfect choice as it takes up less visual space. Remember to add metal furnishings, open spaces, and lots of mirrors and light to spread that industrial look around your room. 

4. What are the trendiest colours for fitted bedroom cupboards?

In addition to seeing what designers are doing, you must also consider what colours will work with your bedroom’s existing look. No need to switch up the whole palette just because you’re bringing in a new cupboard, right? 

To set you on the right (and trendy) path, some of the most sought-after colours for bedrooms in 2019 include:

• Deep / forest green with dark wooden furniture

• Mustard yellow with various creams and neutral tints, as well as wicker touches

• Deep blue or teal, with added grey and white tints and big, chunky furniture pieces

• Royal purple with silver, grey or white add-ons, completed with sophisticated materials

• Neutral colour palettes (creams, beiges, browns)

• Pastel tones mixed with lighter hues (white) for a relaxing ambience. 

5. What sort of bedroom cupboards can I choose?

Custom Woodwork CS DESIGN Modern Bedroom

Custom Woodwork


Of course bedroom cabinets are also available in multiple functions, making them one of the most versatile options in terms of bedroom furniture. Fully-fitted wardrobes, free-standing models, sliding-door designs, cupboards with storage drawers… so many choices! 

But what advantages do each one offer? 

• Fully-fitted wardrobes, although the most expensive option, are designed and built to fit perfectly into a room, making them the best in terms of space optimisation.

• Slider wardrobes are the practical choice for smaller rooms as they don’t require additional legroom for the doors to swing open or close. These are also more modern in style and can often be purchased with built-in mirrors. 

• Wardrobes with fitted drawers are recommended for anyone with heaps of clothes and fashion accessories.

Regardless of which bedroom cupboards you choose, make sure that you consider all your available options. And think about practicality (storage, space, etc.) as well as visual aesthetics (it needs to complement your bedroom’s design). With the right design, a bedroom cupboard can become a long-term investment! 

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