The majestic container home from architects in Guadalajara, Mexico

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CASA POMPEYA , Con Contenedores S.A. de C.V. Con Contenedores S.A. de C.V. Modern Dining Room
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Of all the evolutionary steps and trends in the world of architecture, container homes are probably one of the most revolutionary (and exciting). Who’d have thought that an old metal box designed for transporting goods via ship overseas could be transformed into a more affordable solution for houses? The experts over at CON CONTANEDORES SA DE CV certainly saw potential with old shipping containers, for they built their architectural company on this idea!

Led by team architect Taufic Gashaan, CON CONTANEDORES SA DE CV is dedicated to creating residential- and commercial spaces via shipping containers. From double-storey homes and extensions to modern offices and guest rooms, just about anything is possible, especially with the creativity and dedication from this architectural team. 

Let’s now discover one of the firm’s most eye-catching designs: a project entitled Casa Pompeii which was conjured up via several containers and which now sports quite the contemporary / industrial style, complete with elegant interiors and welcoming spaces. 

An elegant parking space

Not even the garage was overlooked in terms of striking style, as can be seen in this steel-clad space. First-rate lighting installations and sophisticated floor- and wall coverings complete this polished concrete picture perfectly. 

Luxurious interiors

The colour palette changes into a warmer, more welcoming vibe once we enter the interiors of the house. And just as modern design dictates, this area is an open-plan layout, with the living room and spacious dining room sharing a space (both of which are connected to the back terrace via glazing). 

Our favourite piece here? Most definitely those stairs flaunting a curvy look (becoming most prominent from the surrounding linear looks) and which delicately guide us upstairs. 

The dining room with an open view

Turn to the left and we’re in the dining area, a welcoming space of earthy neutrals that sparkle thanks to the artificial lighting fixtures. 

And thanks to the sliding glass doors at the back, this socialising hot spot seems that much bigger and open. 

The dining room, kitchen, and exterior spaces

Gliding through a doorway takes us into the adjoining kitchen – notice the island stools beckoning us to have a sit down and which, like the main appliances, offer up a touch of dazzle via the stainless steel. 

The master suite

We know what you’re thinking: how could old shipping containers produce a spacious and open residence such as this? That’s the beauty of the containers, as they can be altered, opened and stretched to make just about any layout desirable. 

Here we get a glimpse of the ultra modern bedroom complete with en-suite bathroom and dressing room. Finishes in subtle gray and a porcelain floor mimicking a wooden surface perfectly up the elegance factor. 

The bedroom perfect for youngsters

The same dedication to style went into the creation of the little boy’s room, albeit on a more colourful and playful level. And 10 out of 10 for the commitment to storage pieces, ensuring this sleeping- and playing space needn’t ever be cluttered or messy.  

The terrace

Remember the terrace we only glimpsed from the dining room earlier? Here it is again, just as elegant and inviting as any interior room in the house. 

Here, the roof is made from steel (the shipping containers), ensuring sturdiness but also bringing in pattern, texture and character to complement the linear and modern look of the furnishings. 

A deluxe socialising space

Similar to the interior living- and dining room, the exterior terrace also flaunts an open-plan layout, with one side dedicated to seating and relaxing while the other is for dining. And both spaces enjoy equally amazing views of the picture-perfect back garden. 

And what if the residents wish to enlarge their kitchen? Then they simply fling open those glass doors to make the culinary zone become one with the exterior dining space – the beauty of modern design and out-the-box thinking! 

From one super memorable project to another, let’s cast our eyes on this Stunning California beach house inspired by the horizon.  

Would you rely on old shipping containers to conjure up a home such as this?

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