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How to Use Memes to Promote Your Home Décor Business

Silvia Watson Silvia Watson
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Many people view home decor as a luxury, therefore they never bother to update the look of their homes. This can pose a challenge to you if you are trying to expand your client base.

Memes are a good way to speak to customers in a creative way. By using creative videos or catchy pictures and illustrations, you manage to pass a message in a way that provokes a customer to want home decor. You can visit interior design Singapore for more information

What’s more, memes eliminate the need to use too many words. Most people have busy schedules and will not have time to read extensive literature about your products and services. It is likely that the literature you send to their mailbox will find its way to their mail trash.

You can use memes to:

  • Market your consulting services

Part of the reason why most people do not update the look of their homes is because they do not know where to start. They have no sense of color, arrangement, themes and proportions.

This is where you come in. Market your consulting services. Use memes to show the customer that when you walk into his/her home, you will identify the areas that need updating and that need not be their worry.

  • Show the folly of DIY jobs

You want people to stop attempting DIY home improvements and hire you instead. All you need is a meme showing a house with a capsizing roof and cracked walls. Let the caption say something like… “This is why you should hire the experts”.

  • Create a working relationship

When trying to get customers, it is advisable to start by giving a service for free. This will benefit you in 2 ways:

  • It will show you are not greedy        
  • It gives an opening for dialogue with the home owner

To do this, send a free meme video to targeted clients, talking about how embarrassing their outdated homes can be. You promise a free consultation at their premises and one free home decor tip while on site.

This will make people call you and once you are at their premises, you can start discussing bigger projects.

  • Show Price benefits

Another reason why home owners may skimp on home decor is that they imagine it will cost too much. As an expert, you know that home decor does not need to be expensive.

Saving people money by using your creativity is an extremely useful quality to have in home decor and you should market it aggressively. Show them that only you have the skill and the eye to do that.

Use a meme to brag about your super-human ability to transform old homes into new homes at almost no cost. Let the home owner know that if he/she does not have a budget, you will use your magic powers to turn his/her old furniture into new furniture. You can use a magic wand in this meme to make it memorable.

Now that you know about memes, be sure to update your marketing material and your website and watch your business grow.