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Impressive contemporary style, Premdas Krishna Premdas Krishna Modern Bedroom
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Today on homify 360, we’re going to explore the interiors of a contemporary residential apartment designed by Premdas Krishna, an architect based in Kerala, India. Contemporary style is known for incorporating the latest trends into its design but staying true to its neutral color palette and timeless simplicity. Bearing resemblance to elements of modern and minimal styles, contemporary design is more bold with its additions and décor pieces. While the background focuses on being neutral, the additional décor designs follow a more vibrant and unique style. This residential apartment is a combination of contemporary style mixed with the sharp curved elements of modern styles. The architect has designed this space with a neutral background, unique design elements and exquisite lighting options. Paneled walls with bold designs and the inclusion of surprising color palettes give this apartment a distinct look.

So without further ado, let’s jump right into this home tour and experience the beauty of the ever-evolving contemporary style.

A room full of circles

The living room of this residential apartment is designed with high ceilings and a gorgeous color palette. Bold shapes are fashioned on the ceiling and the walls of this space to make a statement. The architect has further accentuated these patterns by highlighting them with warm white lights. A subtle orange shaded wall brings the room together. The dining room of this apartment effortlessly flows from the living room, enhancing the open floor plan of the contemporary style. Subtle colored furniture is placed across the room, giving it a minimal yet elegant look.

A patterned living room

As soon as you step into the house, you’re greeted with the subtle shaded living room with minimal furniture. The architect has styled the interiors of this room with a combination of contemporary and minimal styles. Tones of beige and light orange give the room a unique touch. A large media cabinet faces the seating area of the living room, allowing you to relax after a long tiring day.

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The master bedroom

Unlike the other rooms in this apartment, the bedroom interiors are emphasized with a darker color palette. The architect has designed the space with shades of dark brown that stand out against the beige neutral background. A large wooden panel behind the headrest of the bed gives this space a distinct style. A gorgeous chandelier surrounded by a circular wooden embellishment further enhance the appeal of this room.

The second bedroom

The architect has changed the color palette of each room but maintained the subtlety of contemporary style. This bedroom’s interiors go through a makeover with the addition of a pale green tone into the color palette. The white, green, and dark brown panel art on the wall give this space an artistic touch. Floor-to-length windows grace one side of the wall, allowing the inflow of air and natural light.

The children's bedroom

We come to an end of this home tour with the third bedroom or the children’s bedroom. Designed with a neutral color palette with a pop of blue, this bedroom is designed to have a fun and interactive style. A large motor cross decal graces one side of the wall, clearly giving the room a masculine and energetic look. The curvy blue panel from the study area crawls across the wall, giving the room a unique style.

Simple, stylish, and unique, this residential apartment is sure to leave your guests impressed and inspired!

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