5 Clever Tips to Upgrade Space in Your Home

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Chelsea House - London Prestige Architects By Marco Braghiroli Classic style houses
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We’re all looking for ways we can maximise space in our homes be it a small apartment or a large family house. While we might all dream of spacious living and fitting everything in with room to run around in, more space won’t just appear by accident. If you’re willing to make a few changes, we’ve got a few ideas which can have a profound effect on your home.

Knocking down to open things up

The most obvious and effective way of maximising your space and avoiding that boxed in feeling is to break down those internal walls. Not only does this transformation make sense in terms of room and movement but it also helps to let light pass more freely through your home; an effect which can’t be understated when it comes the way a space feels.

Studies show that more light can do more than improve your mood, it can literally convince your brain that a room is more spacious, open and welcoming. Hallways and entrances, in particular, are great places to use this tactic.

Storage that really works for you

There might be times however when knocking down walls might not be an option and you have to work with the space you’ve got and this is where clever storage solutions come in.

Coffee tables that double as book storage or recessed alcoves instead of shelves that stick out are all clever ways that you can win back small pockets of space. The key here is reclaiming lots of little areas that will come together to make the entire room feel bigger.

Chop your dining table down to size

A dining room should be for just that: dining. Adding a large, elegant table may feel great at first but considering this is typically one of the areas of the home (on average) that people spend the least time in, opting for a small dining table will give you that extra space that you crave. With the right styling and decor as seen above, smaller dining tables can be equally as impressive.

Add what brings value, remove what doesn’t

Modifying your home is always an option but often it’s the items and decorations that can have the biggest effect on how big or small a space feels.

Being careful and conscious with which items you add and decide to keep in your home is paramount to maximising your space. While it might be tempting to adorn your home with a number of decorations that reflect your personality, there’s an incredibly delicate balance between a home with character and a home with clutter. Every so often it’s a good idea to take stock of the items in your home and decide what is taking away from that open and expansive feel.

Prestige Architects is multi-award winning architecture firm founded Italian architect Marco Braghiroli. Since 2009, Prestige have been creating outstanding residential projects in the UK and abroad with Marco pouring over two decades worth of knowledge into delivering bespoke, luxurious homes.

Like what you see here? See what Prestige did with this amazing Chelsea home.

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