How wall decorations affect our mood

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Our mood, attitude, psychology and energy level gets affected by the environment around us. Living in a space surrounded by four walls, the wall décor becomes vital in regulating the environment and ultimately the mood inside the home. In fact, the interior of the home revolves around the wall décor. It says a lot about the people living there. Through wall decoration we can make the house warm and welcoming and create varied mood through the textures, colours, decorative pieces, wall hangings, artefacts and light. Expression created through wall decoration can incite various moods of happiness, joy, peace, serenity, romance, drama, passion, comfort, sensation and sometimes even depression and unhappiness. Interior designers and decorators are very careful when designing the walls and skilfully and artistically they incorporate different decoration style, colours, textures and lighting to set in the right mood, the tranquillity of which the residents of the home will look forward to returning every day. Here are a few tips to design the wall to have a positive psychological impact on the mood and specific benefits it will bring in your life.

1. Colours on the wall

The colour of the wall is a powerful tool which can have an influence in our moods and feelings we feel when in there. Choose the colour wisely. The colour trend changes but what remain on the walls for years are your preferences and personality and the interior decoration of the home which usually is designed to suit the colours on the wall. Bring in happy mood and energy in your home by choosing the brightness for your walls, however, make sure that you balance off the high energy of these colours by combining it with neutral shades of black, grey, white or any soft pastel hues to balance off the energy or else it can have a negative impact on the mood.

Yellow: If you want to add energy in a dull corner of your room, paint a wall in sunshine yellow and it will make it cheerful positive vibe full of joy and laughter.

Orange: It’s an energetic colour perfect for your living room, children’s room and study since it evokes happiness, communication and stimulates mental activities.

Red:  The colour of love and passion can also be a reason of aggressive behaviour if used in excess. Just a patch of it on wall can create magic and trigger the romantic mood.

Blue: The colour of trust, loyalty, faith and confidence, the shades of blue on the wall binds the family together. 

Green: Create a soothing, peaceful and relaxing environment by painting the wall in green.

Purple: The colour of royalty and spirituality, the colour inspires creativity and a feeling of warmth and safety. 

Riot of colours on the wall painting

You can also bring in the vibrant energy and happy mood through colourful painting hanging on a plain wall.

2. Creating mood through lights on the wall

Natural light or mood lighting or just washing the wall with lights, light is one of the most important aspects when it comes to creating right mood in our home. Ensure that there is enough natural light in the day and when evening descents, create a romantic and relaxing environment through delicate and soft light decorating the walls of the different rooms of the house depending on requirement and mood you need there.

Wall decoration and lighting it up to enhance the effect of the decor

Dining room is the place where the family and friends gather to share the meal and a slice of life. Soft lighting will set the mood for communication and make the environment relaxing and rejuvenating.

Mirror on the wall reflecting the light and style

Large mirror is fixed on the wall reflects light during day and night and creates an illusion of spaciousness and sets the mood for openness in casual environment. 

3. Setting up the right mood through pictures on the wall

It’s common to decorate the wall by hanging paintings and pictures of your choice. The paintings could be of the traditional art of our country or it could be the one from new or renowned artist depending on our budget. However, sometimes the happy images of your family from the last vacation or the good old memories of the past, framed in simple frames and hung prominently on the corridor or the bedroom wall will have a happy feeling which even the most expensive paintings won’t.

Setting up the happy mood with happy pictures on the wall

Imagine walking into the home after a hard day with the happy memories hanging on the wall to welcome you with a smile. It will surely put a smile on your face and even on the faces of the visitors visiting your home.

Framed memories on the bedroom wall

Keep it simple and in harmony with the decor to make the bedroom calm and comforting,

4. Freshness through green decoration on the wall

In today’s stressful life, either paint the wall green or make the wall alive with greenery where you and your family spend most of the time together. Fresh green plants have meditative affect on mood and bring in innate serenity into the space. You can either hang a few pots or create a vertical garden on the wall; the greenery is a natural stress reliever which brings in mental peace and general wellbeing into the home.

Simple way to add greenery even in small space

We don't need large space to bring in happiness and freshness into our home.

5. Accessorizing the wall for perfect mood

The accessories adorning the wall of your home can have a deep impact on your emotions and mood.  Minimalist decoration on the wall in sync with the décor of the room can harmonize the environment creating an ambient space setting up the right mood. Choose the accessories depending on the room, for example, the living room can have the arts and artefacts, bedroom the family pictures, study and children’s room can have beautiful bookshelves, dining room with in-build dining room unit, etc. All you have to do is to show your creativity to create a perfect space to trigger the right mood. 

Check out this ideabook before you decide to paint the wall of your home: Vastu tips for wall colours


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