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Neomodern and modernist architecture have a lot in common so it can be tricky to distinguish between the two, but they both share a love for simple lines and a rejection of classical embellishment. You won't find columns and unnecessary finishes here.

In reality, neomodern architecture (which was born out of the neomodernism / neo-modernism movement) is less of a defined style and more of an abstract expression of where we are now, meaning that as it ages it will be a moment in time and forever represent that short burst of temporal awareness. Mainly large, plain and monolithic in design, neomodernist houses always seek to serve a purpose and function.

Let's take a look at some great examples and see what elements of the neo modernism design movement they represent. 

Straight lines and squares are a must

Neomodern architecture makes light work of putting boxy shapes, stark lines and straight edges to good use and, when pulled together en masse and on a huge scale, the results are astounding. Don't believe us? Just look at this contemporary masterpiece which looks like it was crafted by the neomodernism movement itself.  

This is a house but it's not over the top. There are no embellishments that look unnecessary or out of place and the whole things looks as though it could have been designed on graph paper with a pencil, a ruler and nothing else. Linear and lovely.

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Connect the edges

While neomodern architecture seeks to be very straightforward, plain and functional, naturally you need to be able to connect different sections of buildings together. This blending phase does not have to mean turning your back on the linear boxes that the trend loves so much.

We like this house, complete with multiple square factions, connected and finished with sharp diagonals. It's so minimalist but fantastic!

Angles over curves

We're not saying that you can't have any curves at all in neomodern architecture. In fact, we are coming to that soon. When it comes to having a preference, angles win over curves every time.

We love how fantastically unapologetic this design style is and how boxy buildings seem to offer you the opportunity to raise a concern but shut it down automatically. Just by being beautifully stark!

Use metallic and eco materials

Neomodern architecture seems to embrace elements of many other design trends in order to create something relevant right now. We particularly love how it uses industrial and eco-friendly touches. 

We think this house is the perfect example of a neomodern building as it has been crafted with steel and clad in sustainable wood. Plus, just look at the total lack of curves! Sharper than a supermodel's cheekbones, this is a house that looks very of the moment and yet will remain timeless.

Monochrome or vibrant

This is where neomodern architecture gets a little fluffier! There are no hard and fast rules as to what colour schemes work or are acceptable in a neomodern sense so we are taking that to mean that anything at the extreme end of the spectrum will work.

Boxy white additions through to neon yellow houses; we think they are all applicable here as long as the shapes are right and the angles stark.

Experiment with shapes

If you love architecture inspired by neo modernism but desperately need at least a few curves in your life, you can try playing with designs that your computer simply won't get to grips with. A little freestyle shaping never did anyone any harm and as long as you balance it out with a lot of stark, linear elements too, we think you'll be able to make it work. 

Live for the now, create a house to enjoy today and banish superfluous embellishments and we think you'll be neomodern fabulous in no time!

For more architecture inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Top 10—The Best Modernist Homes in the UK. We think you'll quickly see the comparable elements that modernism and neomodernism share! 

How to decorate your interiors in the modern style (part 1)

The designs inspired by neo-modernism share quite a lot of the modern style’s basic traits. For instance, both of them reject ornate decorations, making both of them the ideal style choice for anyone wishing to bestow a clean, elegant, and fuss-free look onto their interior space.  

If you’re considering playing with the modern design style in your interiors, keep the following design tips in mind:

• Many structural elements, like beams or concrete, are often left exposed. 

• There should be a strong focus on horizontal- and vertical lines, and less emphasis on curves. 

How to decorate your interiors in the modern style (part 2)

• A strong rejection of intricate detail or “fluff”.

• Furnishings are ideally low and horizontal with clean lines.

• Natural light streaming in through unadorned windows is essential.

• A focus on natural materials like wood, metal, leather, natural fibres, etc. 

• Neutral colour palettes (whites, greys, browns, beiges… ).

• An inclusion of reflective surfaces (glass, steel, etc.).

Ever wondered What colours go with navy? Let’s find out…    

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