11 interior wall decoration ideas for your home

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The blank walls deserve more than paints to give personality to each and every individual rooms of the house. Believe it; creatively decorated the interior walls can bring in essence into the space along with completely transforming the interior décor of the room. Loosen your imagination when designing the walls and cover it with exclusive painting or framed family pictures, wall cladding or wallpaper, light or colours or you can even make the wall alive. However, whatever decoration you choose, make sure that it binds the space and compliments the décor of the room. Check out these combinations of various styles to decorate the walls of different rooms of your home for some inspirations and ideas.  

1. Decorating the interior walls to integrate the social area

In modern homes with integrated living and dining room, it becomes quite challenging to decorate the two different rooms in a cohesive manner to build the aura of the room. Flowing with the flow of the grey, decoration of the wall follows the contemporary style of the room. It is decorated with mostly black and white framed pictures with a few coloured ones making the wall vibrant. The side wall is decorated with long mirror reflecting the beauty of the elegant space.

2. Framing the shelves to decorate the interior wall

The simple idea of a large wooden frame with three wooden shelves within it holding framed paintings is highlighting the beauty of the wall. The irregular shape, size and style of the pictures add interest in the space. 

3. Sculptured decoration on the interior wall

In the dining room wall, the ordinary wall cladding is made extraordinary by sculpture crafted on it, the beauty of which is highlighted by strategically placed spot lights which further enhances the sophistication adorning the wall.

4. A statement piece shining on the interior wall

Convert the narrow wall at the end of the corridor into a statement wall with patterns and one shiny statement piece on it. Dress up the wall more with yellow light from the hanging lamp washing the entire space in yellow. It brings in a mystic sensation into the space. 

5. Cover every inch in art on the interior wall

The blank wall is brought to life with a variety of art work on display. From different size of framed pictures on wall to shelves holding statues of different God and Goddess, the smart combination of lantern style lamp and modern light highlight the specialty of the décor which decorates the wall of the room. 

6. Niches decorating the interior wall

If decorated well, the usually neglected wall near the staircase will become lively and bursting with fervor. Here the niches are created on the wall which is framed in wood and the spotlights are fixed on each of them. Each niche is used to display the art and artifacts collected by the family. 

7. 3-D wall art decorating the interior wall

Fresh and modern with a contemporary accent, this metallic 3-D art form brings in depth and style on the simple plain wall and transforms the look and feel of the entire hallway

8. Serenity spread on the interior wall

Matching with the sanctity of the bedroom, the textured wall behind the headboard has statement wall sculptures of flying birds under the wall washer which looks serene and is making the wall of the room elegant in its simplicity. 

9. Minimalist décor of the interior wall

Split the pictures and trust us, it will create a dramatic effect not only on the wall but on the entire room. The highlight of the minimalist décor of this living cum dining room is the rectangular split image of bicycle and three hexagonal pictures with leaf hanging on the wall of the dining room. 

10. Traditional piece adorning the interior wall

Traditional decoration of the room is complimented by the traditional Jharokha hung on the plain white niche on the rustic open brick red wall. Restrain shown in decorating the wall is the modern style matched with traditional decor.   

11. Live vegetal wall decorating the interior wall

If you love the plain crisp minimalist wall, think about adding texture and an essence to the wall. Make the space colourful and bring it to live by vegetal wall. The subtle pop of green wall is adding flair to the simple décor of the living room.

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