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When it comes to interior design a lot of people think they are experts and feel justified in telling you about certain 'rules' that you have to follow. We say that you can throw away the rule book and do whatever feels and looks right to you! Unless you plan to tear down your entire home nothing is irreversible so why not have some fun with your most used rooms?

We decided to turn living room myths on their head today so have taken some of the silliest 'rules' we have heard and are totally blowing them out of the water. If you are planning a living room revamp in the near future, read on and prepare to feel liberated!

Be brave with colour

If you like to live your life on the colourful end of the spectrum we bet you've heard the plethora of living room rules that talk about not having too many bright colours together. In fact, a lot of people recommend a neutral design scheme with accent colours added in the form of accessories.

We're here to tell you to go as wild with colour as you like! In fact, if this room from Interior Desires, is anything to go by, the more colourful you can be the better your room will look. We love the audacious use of shades that would normally be thought of as clashing. So vibrant!

You don't have to have a TV

We know you might be a little shocked by this revelation but… you don't have to have a television in your living room. There, we've said it, and feel much better for it, too! We have been so used to always having a screen, and the bigger the better these days, that we forget we don't have to give in to the urge to watch reality shows.

We actually think that living room rules, such as having to have a television, have been born out of the new media-obsessed generations. We know it makes us sound old fashioned but there was a time that nobody had a TV in their living room and they all seemed to do just fine!

You don't even have to have a sofa

Hang onto your hats right now as here comes a huge newsflash that will fly in the face of all living room rules you think you know. You don't have to have a sofa

It seems almost bizarre that we have all just become so brainwashed into thinking that a sofa is an essential piece of furniture for a living room and, while it certainly comes in handy for relaxing, if you have a smaller space perhaps you'd rather just have a few small armchairs. Of course, it's perfectly acceptable to substitute a sofa for a grand piano too, that's just a matter of personal taste…

Artificial plants aren't a bad choice

We think that botanical snobs have a lot to answer for. Helping to perpetuate living room rules such as fake flowers being cheap and tacky, the gardener's world brigade should accept that there is merit in all plants and flowers, even artificial ones.

They help to brighten up a living room, making it feel more cosy and cohesive and, because they aren't real, they need no looking after and won't impact on any allergies. In short, this makes them perfect for busy professionals who value their health. Tell us again, why aren't they cool?

Everything doesn't need to match

Don't get bogged down thinking that everything in your living room needs to match as it quite clearly doesn't. There is nothing wrong with exerting a little bit of eclectic style to draw all of your favourite things together in one space. In fact, we think it makes for a truly personal and unique home.

All these living room rules seem to be geared towards creating a neutral, safe space that doesn't want to fly in the face of current trends too much but, as trends evolve and change constantly, throw away that tatty old rule book. It simply won't go with anything in your fabulous new living room!

Windows don't have to have curtains

Don't misunderstand us here as we aren't saying that you don't need to have any window dressing at all as proximity of neighbours and your preferred evening attire might necessitate some kind of privacy. However, curtains are not a must. In fact, they are starting to feel a little old fashioned.

If you have the benefit of gorgeous views and an enclosed garden, why not simply leave the blinds up and enjoy the view day and night? With so many new builds having incredible glazing it almost seems a shame to cover it up!

For more living room inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Creating A Cosy Living Room. We do love us some home comforts, after all!

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