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Wow your guests with an impressive entrance

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It is not enough to deck up the interior of your house in style. To create a welcoming home you must also have an impressive entrance.  It should be palpable to everybody, including you, that one is entering in an abode of peace and happiness. According to feng shui the main entrance is a portal through which positive energy flows into your home. 

Ancient architects used to put great emphasis on building a beautiful gateway. Examples of this is replete in the still surviving edifices like Pylon, Lion Gate, Ishtar Gate, paifangs of China, torana and gopurams of India. These towering monuments not only used to guard, but also create a grand entrance way for a magnificent structure.

For modern building, an impressive entrance in such a grand scale may be out of question, but the necessity of creating an impactful gateway remains. You should follow up a beautiful entrance with an equally charming hallway. You must have already gone through our tips of creating a stylish hall. So today we will share with you a few inspiring ways of building an impressive entrance.

Beautify with artworks

Eclectic Apartment The Orange Lane Asian style corridor, hallway & stairs
The Orange Lane

Eclectic Apartment

The Orange Lane

Spice up the walls with beautiful works of art. Place elaborate vases, sculptural pieces, earthen lamps or lanterns beside the doorway. Introduce chic lighting fixtures to brighten up the area. Choose your accessories according to the overall design and colour scheme of your home. When space is not a constraining factor, build a fountain or grow lilies in a small portable garden sink. You may also place an earthen pot with goldfishes in it. Do not shy away from following the precious traditions of the land. Often, they would give your entrance a unique and meaningful appearance that is not possible to obtain otherwise.

Insist on a clean and tidy look

Templewood Avenue, NW3 XUL Architecture Classic style houses
XUL Architecture

Templewood Avenue, NW3

XUL Architecture

To create a strikingly beautiful entrance, ensure a very basic thing – cleanliness of the approach and the appearance of your doorway. Vacuum clean, wash or scrub the doorway. Sweep away the loose dust and dirt. Make it a part of your daily routine. Give your door a fresh coat of paint. Keep in mind the colour of the façade and choose a shade accordingly. If your main door is starting to show any signs of aging, replace it with an elegant and sturdy door. This is also important for maintaining a secure home.

Keep the pathway in prime condition

5&6 Connaught Place, Hyde Park, London. Flairlight Designs Ltd Classic style houses
Flairlight Designs Ltd

5&6 Connaught Place, Hyde Park, London.

Flairlight Designs Ltd

When needed, repair the area around the doorway and the approach. A broken sidewalk will not lead to a welcome journey, however fashionable the destination may be. Depending upon the location and design of your building use stone, brick, tiles, wood, gravel or mulch to create a smooth path. Each one of this has its pros and cons. Due to the difficulty of maintaining a clean path, city houses may not prefer having mulch or gravel at all. If you have built a country style home, you may consider having a grassy path as well. If it is a driveway that you are renovating use asphalt, concrete, basalt or brick instead. Keep this neat and tidy as well.

Invite greenery

A touch of green can evoke a geniality that remains unmatched by any other items of decoration, however expensive. See how Luciana Moraes Paisagismo almost framed this door in green foliage. You have greater liberty of choosing your favourite plants for this space, because they would be able to enjoy sufficient sunlight in this area than in the interior of your house. Choose to embellish your front with Nandina domestica, potted Laurus nobilis or Buxus. Alternatively, enjoy the colourful presence of azalea, acacia, camellia and tiarella. Adorn the trellis, canopy or sunshade with rose or wisteria vine. Introduce seasonal blooms and local species. Due to their robust nature and familiarity to the environment, local species’ require less tending.

Accessorise the main door

Change those rusty door handles, knobs or locks with shiny new hardware and accessories. Choose vintage door hardware for an eclectic or classically styled home. Door hardware and accessories made of solid brass, copper and wrought iron look best on intricately designed wooden door. Contemporary homes would prefer trendy metallic, crystal and porcelain accessories. Do not compromise on quality. Once installed, many of these parts hardly require frequent changes. Periodic maintenance is sufficient to keep their looks afresh.

Place an inviting doormat

Place a doormat that welcomes guests to step inside. With its dust fighting capabilities doormats will help to keep your home clean and allergen free. You can choose one manufactured from recycled rubber, coir, polypropylene, cast aluminium, olefin, bamboo, jute or other types of natural fibres. Bamboo, jute and coir are organic and easy to clean. Handcrafted doormats made of bamboo, jute, coir or various other natural fibres is a great way of creating a charming entrance. Rubber, cast aluminium, olefin etc are hardier, fade resistant and even easier to maintain. They are particularly suited for places that experience high footfall. For an impressive doorway, you can also consider placing a high quality cosy rug.

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