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When one is looking at ideas to decorate a small bathroom, usually, functionality gets priority over style as limited space might not allow for the placement of too many accessories to make the place look pretty. On the other hand, the lack of accessories can make the room look boring! How does one find the perfect bathroom accessories ideas that incorporate beauty and functionality without making the small area look cramped?

It’s all about planning every inch of the room effectively so that accessories can be included in a small bathroom. In this ideabook, we present bathroom décor ideas for small bathrooms to provide inspiration to homeowners who want to spruce up the style of their tiny bathrooms.

Besides this, one can consult a professional architect or bathroom designer for advice on how to decorate a small bathroom to make it look sophisticated. Whether it’s for a remodelling or a redecorating project, a professional can provide tips and ideas on how to alter a small bathroom to make it look larger as well as suggest solutions for incorporating accessories that go beyond functionality.

Small bathroom storage ideas

In modern homes, even larger ones, bathrooms tend to be quite small. The secret behind making them look spacious is to organize the area by providing ample storage. When looking for ideas to decorate a small bathroom, one should identify stylish storage solutions that eliminate the clutter by hiding it away behind closed doors to make the tiny room look larger than it is.

While storage is essential for organizing bathrooms of all sizes, it’s especially important in a small one. Cabinets are one’s best ally for storage in small bathrooms. Under counter storage cabinets are the most common option in modern bathrooms, but one can also look at unique storage solutions such as a narrow cabinet that extends from the floor to the ceiling. Open glass shelves are among the bathroom wall décor ideas that are functional as well as stylish, but the disadvantage of open shelves is that they need to be always organized.

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Open glass shelves are among the bathroom wall décor ideas that are functional as well as stylish, but the disadvantage of open shelves is that they need to be always organized.

Bathroom accessories ideas – lighting

Lighting plays a significant role in making an area appear bright and spacious. When looking for bathroom decorating ideas on a budget, installing lights over the mirror is an easy solution. To add uniqueness to the design, choose industrial wall sconces that bring a modern and stylish touch to the room. Alternatively, a hanging lampshade over the basin can add sophistication to a tiny bathroom.Built-in lights in the floor or those that light up the niches in the shower area are other stylish options for illuminating a small bathroom.

Small bathroom ideas with shower areas

Bathtubs occupy a lot of space in a bathroom. Therefore, for small bathrooms, a shower enclosure is generally considered the space-saving alternative. For small shower ideas on a budget, picking a bright shower curtain can boost the look of the area considerably and give the room a quick makeover. Alternatively, for a more modern design, a shower box with glass doors can be a sophisticated addition to the room.The shower curtain can be chosen to match the design style of the bathroom. For instance, in a minimalist bathroom, neutral colours such as grey or beige will work well. In a rustic bathroom, a textured shower curtain will be a good option.

Don’t rule out a bath tub in a small bathroom. By planning the layout cleverly, a shower-cum-tub can be tucked away in a corner.

What colours are best to decorate a small bathroom?

As a thumb rule, lighter colours such as white or cream help to amplify the area, making it appear more spacious that it is. However, one can look beyond these tones and opt for pastels such as green or light purple to create a relaxing ambiance that one expects in bathrooms of all sizes. These pastel tones can enhance the spa-like ambiance in a bathroom, especially when accessorized with aroma diffusers or scented candles that fill the air with a pleasant fragrance.

How to use mirrors to decorate a small bathroom

A mirror is an essential feature in any bathroom for its functionality. Additionally, when the right size and design is chosen, it can enhance the stylishness of even the tiniest bathroom. The advantage of using mirrors to decorate a small bathroom is that it reflects the room, making it appear larger than it is. One way to make a small bedroom look spacious is to extend it along the wall instead of just over the countertop basin. Similarly, placing a mirror opposite the window in the bathroom assists in reflecting the light and brightening up the area considerably, by creating visual trickery of an infinite number of windows in the room.

Mirrors are among the most affordable bathroom wall décor ideas as one can even buy them from second-hand stores. When buying a mirror from a thrift store, ensure that it matches the overall design style throughout the rest of the room. For instance, in a classic style bathroom, a mirror with a gilded or decorative frame will enhance the look of the room. In a minimalist bathroom, covering an entire wall with a large mirror will be effective.

Bathroom wall décor ideas – small artworks

In a small bathroom, adding paintings on the wall infuses style in the room. However, the proportion is key when it comes to choosing the right size of artwork or paintings for bathrooms. A painting that’s too large can overpower the area and make it look too cramped. Instead, one can use two or three miniature frames to add beauty to the room.

For small bathroom decorating ideas on a budget, one can even frame a few postcards with a nature theme to create a relaxing feel in the room. To trick the eyes into believing a narrow bathroom is wider than it is, a long and narrow piece of art can be installed on the wall.

When installing artworks, bear in mind that a bathroom is prone to moisture, which can ruin certain types of paintings unless it is well-protected. Cover watercolour paintings or other delicate materials with glass so that they are safe from smudging due to water splashes. Ensure that there is a fan in the bathroom to keep the area well-ventilated so that the artwork doesn’t absorb the moisture and get ruined.

The secret to a stylish small bathroom is creativity. While one can certainly give a boost to its style with a few well-placed accessories, the best way to optimise the room and make it look picture perfect is to consult a professional bathroom designer. Besides providing tips on how to decorate a small bathroom within your budget, suggesting the ideal colour and sharing bathroom wall décor ideas, the professional will advise you on the alterations that can be made to the layout to improve the movement within the room and to increase the natural light in the area as it helps to refresh the room and create a warm and relaxing ambiance. Working with a professional also helps you to ensure that your bathroom décor matches the design theme throughout the rest of the house.

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