How to make the most of your bathroom space

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Bathrooms are the most underrated rooms in the house. Many people do not really give a thought to design a bathroom. While constructing a home, the focus is generally on the living room, the bedrooms and the kitchen, bathrooms are created in the left over spaces, making them compact and tight. After all what all does a bathroom need.. a pot, a basin and a bathing area. Compact and tight however does not mean that the bathroom can not still dazzle. Planning the space in your bathroom effectively, will make it comfortable to use and look good at the same time. The bathroom designers come up with great ideas to use the space efficiently for storage and usage and yet create a bathroom that you would love your guests to see. 

How to fit everything in a small bathroom

A bathroom has three most important elements a bathing area or a tub, a basin and a toilet, and their sizes do have a minimum limit for a comfortable use. You should know and understand these minimum size requirements in order to make the best use of space in your bathroom. The pot can be wall mounted for more illusion of space, and also for better cleaning of the floors. The minimum size requirement of a bathroom pot is 30 inches, however it is recommended to use a toilet pot of roughly 34-36 inches for people with average built to be more comfortable.

For the basin, you would realize the bigger the better and more comfortable. The minimum size required for an average single wash basin is 30 inches again, though there are basins available in smaller sizes too, and even for the corners. 

For the tubs, standard minimum size requirement will be 60 inch in length and 30 inches in width. The depth for a bath tub can vary from 15 inches to 22 inches, but depth hardly affects the floor space needed for a tub.

A small bathroom also has an advantage

A small bathroom may also be a blessing especially when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Also when there is less space to construct, you can use high end tiles and flooring to cover your bathroom in the same cost, and get a better look and feel. A glass door to separate the wet and dry areas of the bathroom will maintain the openness of space in the bathroom. Another advantage of small size is that lesser lights will be required to light up your bathroom, so you can use brighter concealed lights on just the ceilings for a bright room. See 5 stylish compact bathrooms for inspiration.

Space below the basin counter

A bathroom does need to have cabinets for storage. There are so many things that you would rather keep in your bathroom than in any other room. Your daily medicines, toiletries, spare toiletries, hair dryer and other hair managing equipment, your daily wear garments and night dress can all be stored easily in your bathroom, if you have space. One great idea is to use the space below the basin counter to create cabinets or drawers, and keep all that you need in an organized manner. The only prerequisite is that you need to have a counter for your basin. The dresser below the basin can not be created when you have a floating basin or a wall mounted free basin, but you could always use a wall when you have one. See 11 storage ideas for small bathrooms.

Efficient storage in a small bathroom

Use the space on the wall near the seat or the basin to create an open storage space, where you could keep the towels, the lotions and anything else that is usable and good looking. This open storage will also double as a show case for your bathroom. You could also create a narrow counter to keep your stuff on and below it. Allowing a window for natural lighting is a great idea to make a small bathroom appear bigger. So plan the bathroom in such a corner where you can actually take out a window for freshness and light.

Designing as per the bathroom specifications

Bathroom designers know how to make the most efficient usage of space while making the usage comfortable too. After all who would want to cross the shower area and reach the other end of the bathroom to be able to wash hands. Effective and careful planning is required for safe and comfortable usage of bathroom. Space on walls for the doors has to be taken into consideration while planning your cabinets and other bathroom fittings, based on the size and shape of the bathroom. See some wrong decisions that people make in small bathrooms.

A niche over the bath tub

When your bathtub is wider, you can design a niche on the wall above it. The niche will hold all your bathing necessities, including your towel, toiletries and loofah. You could use a shower curtain for cost effectiveness and ease of use, however a glass separator will make your bathroom look bigger and cleaner. You could create a counter below the sink while using half the area too… see this innovative design in the picture! See 5 small but stunning bathrooms.

Having all the plumbing on one wall

It saves a lot of space if you can have all your plumbing in one wall. This would mean that your basin, your toilet and your shower would be on one wall. This is a great idea when you have a narrow and long bathroom, you can utilize the long wall for all the three essentials of a bathroom. You could take a shower bath instead of a tub, and have a smaller counter for the basin, or maybe not even the counter, just a wall mounted basin and a wall mounted pot, and make shelves or medicine cabinet on the narrower wall. Also using large sized mirrors is a good idea in a bathroom to reflect more light and create an illusion of space. See some amazing bathrooms with a shower, instead of a tub.

A small basin vis a vis a big and narrow counter

Creating storage space is challenging especially when you want it to look artistic too. You could use the guidance and ideas of interior designers to create a masterpiece that you would cherish every time you lay your eyes on it. This rustic inspired bathroom has simple elements, combined in a creative way while retaining space of movement by narrowing the counter, and using natural materials to create the rustic feel.

Hope you got some ideas to design or decorate your small bathroom. Remember great things come in small packages.

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