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​homify’s hottest tile trends for 2019

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As 2018 is just about finished, it becomes time to look ahead and see which on-trend styles are awaiting us. Similar to possessing a crystal ball, we have consulted with top-notch interior designers and decorators, as well as trend-watchers (yes, it’s a thing) to discover what will be considered “hot” and “in” next year – more specifically, the tile trends for South Africa in 2019.

But this doesn’t just mean having a look to see which tiles you need to consider for your bathroom—any space in your home that can be privy to a tiled surface (including your kitchen backsplash, your shower walls and- floors, even tiles that can help style up a bedroom space). 

So, sit back and see which of these tile trends you predicted for 2019 – and which ones you simply must copy before January 1st strikes!

1. Bathroom tile trends for 2019: Marble tiles

Master Bathroom AB DESIGN Minimalist style bathroom

Master Bathroom


No points for guessing that marble, once again, will be one of the hottest “must-have” materials for those who want to be considered fashionable. 

Available in a delicious selection of colours, designs and shapes, marble tiles are perfect for creating an elegant look – with a lavish touch, of course. And marble tiles are definitely one way of ensuring your bathroom (or kitchen) becomes the main focal point of your entire home. 

homify hint: Try pairing the classic look of marble with the elegance (almost rustic ambience) of wooden floors for a style that’s perfectly complementary, as seen in this example below.

2. Bathroom tile trends for 2019: Light and cool-toned shades

The second prediction for 2019’s tile trends proves, once again, that the neutral colour palette will never go out of style: tiles (for both floor and wall) in soft whites and greys.

Since bathrooms tend to be smaller than other rooms in the home, it’s up to clever touches and creative materials to make those small spaces seem wider, more spacious and much more inviting. And here is where tiles in light- and cool-toned tints come in. 

Even though soft shades like mint green and sky blue are also popular, 2019 will favour the whites, creams and light-greys. Neutral beiges will also stay relevant, but the warmer shades seemed to have become slightly dated. 

For a stunning look, pair said white (or creamy, or light-grey) tiles with a soft wall paint colour, like a pastel blue or fog grey. And ensure your bathroom’s lights are on the whiter (and not too yellow) side.

3. Bathroom tile trends for 2019: Long, narrow subway style

Take the subway-style tile that has remained a classic for kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces, pools… virtually any surface. Now, extend it ever so slightly to be more elongated – that is what will be one of the hottest tile trends in 2019. 

We predict, come January 2019, most bathrooms will flaunt the long-and-narrow look on their walls! 

homify hint: Want to make a tiny, narrow room seem larger? Flip those elongated subway tiles on their sides and let them lead the way up the walls. Those long-and-narrow pieces are sure to guide the eye upwards and make your small bathroom (or whichever space you’ve picked) appear much taller!

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4. Bathroom tile trends for 2019: Magnificent mosaics

The great thing about mosaics? Too many to mention; however, what has ensured that they will remain on-trend next year is the fact that we can play with so many patterns and motifs (not to mention colours) when it comes to tiny little mosaic tiles. 

Available in a variety of options (such as small squares, herringbone, hexagons and chevron), mosaics are ideal for flaunting some character in an otherwise subdued space – like this modern bathroom floor so expertly shows us!

5. Tile trends for 2019: Colourful patterns

Wall stickers Turquoise KitchenAccessories & textiles

Wall stickers


Last but certainly not least, the patterned (Mediterranean) tile – back for mixing up more colours and patterns in 2019’s interior backgrounds. 

Although coloured tiles can be used virtually anywhere in the house (how about cladding it on the wall behind your bed for a unique headboard?), it has been predicted that they will become a standout feature in kitchens – particularly backsplashes. And since the kitchen styles for 2019 are rumoured to be quite subtle and subdued with not much pattern, we can’t think of anything better than coloured, decorative tiles to flaunt some character for our cooking spaces.

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6. Tile trends for 2019: Hexagon tiles

Tile designers have realised long ago that squares and rectangles are not the only options for tiles – and one of the greatest (and most unique) shapes that we’ve been treated to is the honeycomb (aka hexagon). And if you’ve missed out on this shape before, rest assured that it’s going to be bigger than ever in 2019. 

Where in your home will a splatter of hexagon tiles look most amazing? Your kitchen island? Your shower walls?

To ensure you stay ahead of the curve, see these 7 interior design trends for 2019.

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