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These exterior houses by S Squared Architects Pvt Ltd are absolutely charming. These houses are designed keeping in mind all the modern aspects of design. The shapes and lines for each of these designs are clearly designed. These Architects in New Delhi have done an amazing job in making sure that the exterior landscaping matches well with the exterior structure of the house. Let’s take a look at these homes.

The stacked design

This is a classic design that today’s designers use in some variation. We really admire the combination of materials used here, which includes concrete, glass and metal. The frames are stacked one on top of each other, however, the elevation is quite clear. The most impressive part about this design is the green wall on one side of the façade. The designers have incorporated green and environmentally friendly practices into the design itself, which is a great addition. Overall, the use of a muted colour scheme is pretty great.

Diagonal and balanced

So first impressions on this probably made you think it is crooked! But it is not. The design is very artistic and the facade looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. The designers for this home have incorporated the landscaping in a way that it is a part of the entire design of the house. The use of wood and concrete creates a great combination. The patio that extends into the garden is well planned. Including car parking into the facade design is quite smart.

A curve that is perfect

This is absolutely fantastic, because it shows the amount of thought and creativity put into the planning by the designers. The house seems like it is divided into to parts, but there is just one entrance. The separator in the design is made up of concrete and red bricks. The sloped roof design, along with pillars, creates a modern day Roman structure. There is a small side door that leads to the backyard.

The futuristic design

Now this looks like the entrance into an art museum. The exterior is an unusual shape, with the round wall surrounding the structure. Not just that, the exterior wall is beautifully textured to create the effect of a designer wall. There are spaces within the round wall, which are like windows. There is also a gallery in the front of the building. The entrance has a set of steps that lead up to the main door.

Modern and elegant

This last home on our list is a combination of modern and elegant. The design is very unique and has been custom-created for the owners. So what we love about this facade is the creative freedom the designers have exercised on designing the structure. Modern art has been brought to life with this structure. Since the design is elaborate, the designers have used just one colour for all the walls.

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