Top 10—UK Loft Conversions at the Top of Their Game

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Hello Saturday! We've been waiting patiently for you all week and now here you are with another fantastic Top 10 to show us. What a treat! 

This week we are taking a look at some of the loft conversions that have inspired us to start making plans for our forgotten roof spaces. Not ones to show you ten of the same thing, we have brought together a fantastic range of lofts, from small bathroom transformations all the way through to complete loft apartments. After all, we don't know what kind of space you have available to play with so we might as well give you a really wide range of projects to marvel at.

Let's see if any of these give you the loft conversion bug!

10. Chiswick

Let's start with the smaller projects and work our way up, shall we? That's not to say that this beautiful bathroom isn't fantastic, however, as we are utterly inspired by this creation from GOAStudio.

Taking a notoriously awkwardly shaped spot of the house and turning it into a super luxurious spa-like bathroom is nothing short of genius as far as we are concerned and the level of finish here is amazing.

9. Bristol

Not a large bedroom in the conventional sense, we wanted to include this in the Top 10 loft conversions list as it gives you an idea of what can be done with limited room.

We think the addition of a little side window is lovely and throws extra light into the colourful space that has focused on a fun, bright scheme instead of a neutral one. What a great teenage girl's room!

8. Wimbledon

An amazing L-shaped conversion, we couldn't bring you the Top 10 loft conversions without showing you this gorgeous bedroom.

While angled Velux windows have become something of the norm in loft spaces, we love the flat rooflight that drenches the space in sunlight and makes it feel far bigger. With an en suite found just off the stairs, this would make an incredible master bedroom or teenager's hideaway.

7. Wandsworth

We love it when loft conversions employ clever space perception tricks as you can get the feeling of a vast and usable room without having to spend a gargantuan amount of money.

This super space not only looks warm, welcoming and spacious, the mirrored wardrobe is also giving the impression of an even larger and more luxurious bedroom. The use of white on the walls and ceiling also helps to trick the eye into thinking the room height is much higher.

6. London

For a little bit of classic meets contemporary styling we think this beautiful loft bedroom is just the ticket. Simple lines and a neutral colour scheme are the perfect companions for some bright soft furnishings and antique furniture pieces and help to create a really stunning, personality-filled room.

The more we look at these amazing spots the more we are blown away by how light and airy they feel. Gone are the days of the cramped loft conversion where you couldn't ever stand up at full height.

5. Surrey

Taking a standard loft that was already in use as the unofficial junk room of a family home, the design team here extended the space with clever, large side add-on sections and opened up the space into a stunning open plan room with amazing proportions.

Unbelievably, this isn't the full extent of the conversion either. We can't help but be envious of this incredible master bedroom suite and are suddenly looking at our roofs with a little more imagination! 

4. London

When you have a potentially usable loft space but already have all the bedrooms and bathrooms you need, what else could you put up there?

Well, we don't know about you but we are certainly considering an attic cinema room right now! A sure fire inclusion in our Top 10 loft conversions list, this gorgeous room is really bringing a touch of luxury and decadence to a London family home. Just look at that plush underfoot carpet and black suede wall!

3. Sawbridgeworth

If an enclosed cinema room isn't quite for you, we bet we can tempt you with an open plan media room with a view, such as this one.

We fell in love with this lovely space the second we saw it and think it's such an interesting touch to not box off the loft but to keep it as part of the wider open plan aesthetic. This is certainly a high-level mezzanine that offers more than most and really earned its place in our Top 10 loft conversions.

2. London

So, as we reach the final two inclusions of our Top 10 loft conversions list, we reach the full apartment projects that have been completed in the lofty spaces of old commercial buildings and we think they are amazing.

Forgotten for so long, presumably because they house a number of utilities, these commercial rooftop spaces are now fetching premium prices thanks to the easy living they offer and the stunning views. We love this simple space, complete with a built-in mezzanine bedroom.

1. Shoreditch

This was always going to feature in our Top 10 loft conversions article as we fell in love with it a while ago, when we wrote a whole feature about it.

Transforming an awkwardly shaped space into an exemplar high-level apartment, we think this is all the inspiration you need to start considering what you can do with the untapped potential of your loft. The spaces don't have to be huge, they just need to account for and support the different angles at play.

For a closer look at this Shoreditch masterpiece, take a look at this Ideabook: The Ultimate British Loft Conversion. We know you'll love it!

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