7 stylish and functional door handles to get inspired from

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If door is to protect your home, handle is there to embellish and augment the door to make it special and something more than merely standing there guarding your privacy and doing duty. Choosing the right type of handle for the humble door is an interesting part of decoration since you get the chance to select one from many designs and styles available in market. And mark it… don’t underestimate the power of door handles in your home décor. From convenience in handling to style it add, it has an impact right from exterior to interior of the home. Knowing the importance of handles on the doors, especially if it is for our Indian home, we have brought for you 7 aesthetically stylish handles to fit into your sophisticated modern and traditional doors. If you are planning to renovate your home or designing a new home, this surely will be of great help to you. Have a look!

​1. Making a statement of its own

This plain and simple entrance door needed an oomph factor and it is rightly provided by horizontally fixed carved handle. The broadness of door is well complemented by the size of the handle selected. Carvings and beauty of it can be seen and adorned even by a distance. Be ready to flaunt it and receive admiration by your friends and guests for the classy choice of humble handle adorning the door.

2. Colour coordinated

Residence homify Minimalist style doors



If you are the one who love to be colour coordinated and want to extend it up to the door of your home too, then this style is just for you. White beautifully carved door with white shiny handle is in perfect coordination. Slight black border on the handle is the only contrast on the door. It looks pure and pristine.

3. In sync with the décor on door

Matching with the decoration on the door, the metal and style of handle is in sync with the embellishments on the wooden door. The richness of brass is bringing in traditional touch in this modern and chic door.

4. Artefact on the door

Entry Gate with innovative handles Dezinebox Corridor, hallway & stairsAccessories & decoration

Entry Gate with innovative handles


Indians consider owl to be an auspicious bird since it is Goddess Laxmi vahan. Welcome home prosperity with your creativity and artistically done bright coloured door knob designed as owl which embellishes the door and makes it stunningly attractive. What can we say more about it? It’s marvellous!

Owl knob fitted on the internal doors

5. Silently speaking for itself

Every house says something and it begins right from the main door. Some home owners prefer elaborate designs on the door for traditional Indian feel and welcome whereas some prefers it simple and minimalist to give it a modern look. When the door is as elaborate and exclusive like here, keep the handle simple so that it can silently make its presence felt without suppressing the beauty of the door which is the hero of the space. Simplicity of handle will definitely stand out and will be noticed.

6. Double doors with long handles

Choosing the right handle is as important as choosing the right door for your home. In fact they should be selected to complement each other and work together to enhance the beauty of the space. Here the wooden doors with intricate motifs are adorned by shiny metal long handles. The long handles are apt to control and support the movement of the oversized modern doors.

7. Wood on wooden door

Lost in design but still maintaining its elegant charm, this large curvy door knob fits into the wooden door with elan. It’s an innovative design which will look great in both modern and traditional décor.

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