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It is often said that no two people ever interpret the same piece of art in the same way. This elusiveness of art coupled with the growing spending power of the common man has made art collection a common hobby. Almost all of us tend to collect different pieces of art – small or big, from the street side or from high-end art galleries – and then are flummoxed on the best way to display them in our home. If you too are in a similar situation, then welcome aboard. We are here to discuss some extremely simple yet cool ways of displaying art at home. So take out all your precious paintings, photos, memorabilia and posters, start displaying art at home and convert your home into a unique one.

1. Art instead windows

Does the lack of a window in the kitchen or bathroom always pinch you? Well, prop your favourite painting of natural scenery just where you wished for a window and see that artwork instantly light up your kitchen or bathroom. Do not shy away from placing paintings or posters at unexpected places such as a corner of the bathroom, study nooks or even hallways. Some of the best art ideas which would fulfil the absence of windows would be paintings or posters of the landscape. You could even choose to get your favourite landscape photograph framed and then hanged at these places in an effort to bring the outdoors indoor with art. However, consider the lighting of the room you will be installing your art in and then go ahead. Also, take care to place it away from water or heat when placing art in the kitchen or bathroom to help increase its life.

2. Avoid formal display of art at all cost

Art display should never be so formal to make your home look like an art gallery. It is your home and should reflect your unique taste, hence avoid the formal display of art at all cost. Try mixing and matching while following a common theme for the best effect. Whether you choose to display different shapes of art unified by a common theme or whether you choose to opt for different themes that have a common colour contrast; the choice is yours. You can even choose to keep adding to your collection with time to avoid the formal display of art. This will give you the freedom to invest in art pieces at different times and yet not compromise on the décor. Avoid being formal yet maintain a common theme.

3. Filling out the spaces on the wall

Why do you want to let your priceless art pieces be stacked in cupboards when you can very well employ them to fill up those empty spaces on the wall? Art pieces such as paintings, posters and photographs tend to instantly beautify a plain wall. So make the most of these to adorn your walls. You can even place an ornately crafted chair in front of that blank wall in your bedroom; hang a complementing painting just over it and your blank wall is ready to become the centre of attraction in the bedroom. Make the most of the empty spaces on the wall of your corridor, corners of the living room or bedroom and display your child’s precious artwork, memorabilia, or that favourite photograph of you and your bestie to make your wall go from drab to fab.

This beautiful decor has been designed by South Korea-based interior designers Baomida.

4. Display unexpected pieces

Art has no set definition. Any object which is different can be classified as art, so display unexpected pieces of art and become the envy of friends and family. From the exquisite bone china that has been handed down generations of your family to that ornate trunk or even a dried piece of wood with a different texture- everything can be art; so look around your closet or shop for some unique artwork and display unexpected pieces of art in your chic home. The trick here is to again use complementing pieces of art so as to add a unique charm to the décor.

5. No frames

If you are finding it difficult to zero in on the perfect frame for your precious painting or poster, then there is good news for you. Frames have become old school. In fact, the new trend is to display paintings, memorabilia, photographs and posters sans a frame. Rather use a washi tape – available in a variety of colours and designs – to stick your favourite pieces of art on that wall. Or you can even keep changing art and photographs hung on your wall by making use of binder clips, clipboards or even clothespin. For a more chic, bohemian effect; make use of strings or fairy light wires and hang clip your favourite photographs on these to give your room a unique personal touch. Just decide to go sans a frame and see art transform your room.

6. Vertically exposed

Think beyond horizontal display and go for vertical display of art pieces. Not only will it help you effectively utilise every available inch of space but will also add glamour to the room. So display those paintings vertically in the corner of a room or stack those vintage trunks beside the sofa to add a casual touch. The trick again is to avoid going too formal.

7. Go for one big art piece and save on money and time

Want to save time and money while decorating your home with art? Then employ one single big piece of artwork which will be the centre of attraction. Not only will it add class to your décor but it will also save you time and money which you would have otherwise spent sourcing multiple small pieces of artwork.

Use of art in home décor will never go out of fashion. So take out time, employ the above tips and let your house speak of your eclectic taste in art.

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