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10 kid’s bedroom custom ideas by Johannesburg designers

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You know how much your home means to you and the fact that you can go ahead and create something that you can be proud of right? What if you can create that same sense of pride and joy for your children with a custom-made kid’s bedroom? Experts from SPEGASH INTERIORS have helped many parents create unique kids rooms and nurseries.

In this 360 premium ideabook, we take a look at one of their magnificent creations with these beautiful children’s rooms in Johannesburg.

1. Open space to play

This is a lovely sized children’s room and while the interior designers took care to keep the space open and free, they’ve added simple, yet fun décor finishes.  A neat rug in the centre brings everything nicely together.

2. Smart storage and seating area

These storage boxes double up as comfortable seating space as well as extra storage to pack away toys and bedding. The cute scatter cushions continue the overall theme of this lovely kiddie’s room.

3. Balancing colour

One of the important aspects of children’s rooms is to create a good colour balance as some colours such as red for instance can stimulate hyperactivity when used in excess. The use of neutrals and blues are calming, while yellows create the feeling of cheer and happiness.

4. Learning at every angle

Expert interior decorators also cleverly added some learning materials for more functionality. See the number and letter board in the corner as well as a table and chairs for convenience when enjoying puzzles, colouring books, reading and or playing for that matter.

5. Perfect bathroom for a kid

This is not just any bathroom, it’s been specially designed thinking about the needs of kids. All the furnishings are custom made and fitted accordingly. This also encourages a child to learn independence from a young age.

6. More than a dressing table

Dressing tables are great when preparing for the day, and incorporating one in your little girl’s room is a good idea. This little dressing table also doubles up as a play area.

7. Neat and fun

This is a good example of how fun and beautiful a kiddie’s room can look. This girl bedroom features a seating area, an activities table, and a fun bed. While all is neat, it doesn’t lack the sense of fun and the right amount of energy.

8. Cute lighting feature

This little bed is custom-built with head and footboards and instead of a four-poster design; the interior decorators added some cute light bulbs down the middle beam to complete it.

9. Playing dress up

Adding a cute space where your child can play dress up, or have her very own “walk-in” wardrobe is a nice addition to the room.

10. Modern nursery

This is a beautiful modern take to a nursery and features seating for the mom and dad while they nurse their baby as well as a modern crib for the baby. Additional storage comes in handy for storing those baby extras.

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